One of the major reasons I love any android gadget is the level of customisation that it offers. Be it low end or high end device, a little tweak here and there brings me so much satisfaction for I like messing around with the OS to see what’s what. Build.prop is a configuration file which is the ultimate map of your device. My fav tweaks include:

  1. A tweak to improve net speed.


  1. A tweak for better RAM management and increased processing.


  1. A tweak for faster booting.


  1. A tweak to improve picture quality…handy epecially kwa WhatsApp.

  1. A tweak to Improve Gaming Experience.

persist. sys .NV_FPSLIMIT = 60
persist. sys .NV_POWERMODE =1
persist. sys .NV_PROFVER =15
persist. sys .NV_STEREOCTRL = 0
persist. sys .NV_STEREOSEPCHG =0
persist. sys .NV_STEREOSEP =20
persist. sys .purgeable_assets =1
debug .enabletr =true
debug .qctwa . preservebuf =1
dev .pm . dyn_samplingrate = 1
video .accelerate .hw =1
ro .vold .umsdirtyratio =20
debug .overlayui . enable=1
debug .egl . hw =1
ro .fb .mode =1
hw3d . force =1
persist. sys .ui .hw = 1
ro .sf .compbypass .enable= 0
debug .sf .hw = 1
debug .composition . type = c2d
persist. sys .composition . type = c2d
debug .performance . tuning=1
ro .media .dec .jpeg .memcap=8000000
ro .media .enc .hprof .vid .bps = 800000
ro .media .dec .aud . wma .enabled =1
ro .media .dec .vid . wmv .enabled =1
ro .media .cam .preview. fps =0
ro .media .codec_priority_for_thumb

Anyone else tweaking their build.prop? Share your experience. Blessed Sunday guys.

Backup your build.prop before trying this

I fear tweaking build. prop. I tweaked once and phone failed to boot but luckily I had a nandroid backup which I reflashed

it’s paramount to backup the build.prop so that ikiumana you can revert.

U can start by extracting the original one and making a flashable zip file that u can flash anytime things goes unexpected… Otherwise it’s easy to reboot into twrp and push the original build prop

The above enables you to use the great Google camera which captures way better photos than the stock cam


Enables an onscreen navigation bar just in case the capacitive buttons are not working well or if you prefer onscreen jeys

This is great. I will add those lines to mine.