Build Back Better: Biden-Harris Transitional Website & Slogan Launched As Trump Wails

President-elect Joe Biden on Monday shared a tweet showing off a new website for his transition effort.
The new site,, is one of the first visible signs that the formal transition is now underway, hours after the General Services Administration finally signed off on giving Biden’s team access to the resources it needs to begin the process.
The website itself is fairly standard, with information about the incoming administration, its priorities, the transition effort and more.
It also has a place to submit resumes.
But given that GSA administrator Emily Murphy delayed the transition for weeks as President Donald Trump waged a legal war against the election results, Biden supporters celebrated the new ”.gov” domain:


Build Back Better Broke Back manenos

Amerecycle Obama staff.

Hii website si niliiweka juzi. Na ukiteremka chini kwa hio list you will find the name Peter Neffenger the Chairman of Smartmatic.

Na hata uka comment kwa hio hio thread but your lowly bonobo brain did not comprehend what the thread was about.

How can the guy in charge of the machines used for voting be chosen to be part and parcel of the transition team for one candidate?

Ni kama mkubwa wa OT Morpho akipewa kiti ya CS kwa serikali. That is a stolen election.

Do you ever sleep at night? Wewe uko na disorder fulani kama Maniac.

Trump lost. Accept it and move on with your life, there is NOTHING you can do. Your god had 4 years and burnt every bridge its now his time to leave and posibly get totally bankrupted by debt collectors and endless lawsuits.

But unatuwekea list za wezi ati ni transitional team na ni wezi wa kura.

Biden mwenyewe ni mwizi analipwa na Ukrainian and Chinese oligarchs ndio auze nchi yake. A corrupt hoodlum together with his son Hunter.

If your cheer thieves then it simply means that even you @Ndindu you are a thief. You enjoy stealing and looting of resources and elections.

Hiyo jamaa pia huwa ananishangaza sana. Siasa kweli haihitaji emotional involvement ama utauliwa kama wale maboys wa migori.

Sawa, Biden ni mwizi wa kura tumekubali. Sasa unataka tukusaidie aje?

Just swallow your pride idiot . If I was you I’ll be licking my wounds in a dark cave . …and by the way you need to grow up . Talk things that can be backed up not scooped from a camel’s ass.

There is a difference between a .com and a .gov.
The latter means you are the new sheriff in town. :D:D

You will be the biggest beneficiary of Trump’s loss. You and other Qanon nutheads.
Hamtumiangi akili. You consume conspiracy theory like candy.

Perhaps with Biden you might stop being a lunatic. Lakini kwanza you will have a serious mental meltdown in coming weeks.

Watu kama nyinyi ndio Biden atasaidia zaidi. 2 more years of Trump could have left you admitted in Mathari.

The guy ‘in charge of the machines’ is not part of Biden’s transition.