Buffalo grill thika is empty

Guys whenever I passed thika lazma nipitie buffalo…place used to packed… to my shock Leo it looks like graveyard… Waiters wamezubaa tu…economy is in tatters

There’s this food joint I have been visiting for almost two years now. I really used to like their food, well cooked African dishes, generous servings and their prices used to be very pocket friendly. Due to other commitments, I had last visited the place around June.
Shock on me when I returned there last Friday, the previously bustling with activity eatery has slowed down to almost empty. Waiters used to be all over rushing up and down with customers orders but on that day they were only 3 who were looking terribly bored. I agree, businesses are really suffering.

Enda sj ndio utajua biashara bado iko

One thing about this fpod joints they are like twitter hashtag. The fleet away as quickly as they become famous as people discover other joints.
There is one on kiambu road that I frequent after having a stroll in karura. The food there is fantastic but wanacheza na quantity. Kitambo it used to be alot but naona wamepunguza kiasi. They are lucky they are on a prime location. Tabasamu mashakura…

Kuna offer na promotion ? Time to start giving incentives . Kitu kama, if you sleep with five chicks in 7days, the 6th chick is free :D:D:D:D
Ama men over 40 get puthi @ 1/2 price. Offer ni mingi banaa. What about bald men get a free blowjob .

I have never understood this mixture…what was the chef thinking? What was the one who ordered thinking?

Kuna msee anakula chakula ya wanyama hapo juu, na sijasema ni ya nguruwe…

kwani ulikuwa buffalo grills gani?
Yenye iko behind Total bonjour, iko seti

i know someone who would appreciate this.

food inakaa kibeti ya dem

i thought the bonjour greeting was on all total petrol stations:D:D:D

the food is very sweet.

Restaurants and clubs are very tricky.
I’ve seen many clubs open and die along Thika road, once a new joint is opened.
Some years back, Natives ‘used to say’ on that route. Not any more. Milele, Memphis took a chunk of its customers.

There was even a club in Juja city mall that shut down recently after the new one, Laviva, near Ruiru opened.

At the Kamakis bypass, Greenspot has obliterated almost everyone else, including the OG kamakis. Don’t be surprised if another one opens and Greenspot becomes a shell.

Hehe…I should have taken a better picture. Hapo kuna kuku, chipo, boiled maize cuts, two mboiro, doma cuts fried in egg (extremely delicious) and then garnished with tomato and cucumber slices.

It is so easy to say it looks bad but saa zile niliona mzungu akirarua hii tray mzima solo na mikono na venye wanakuwanga picky nikajua hiyo food iko sawa. Try it out and come back and give your review.

what about Point Seven hapo kamakis?

pengine alikuwa mzungu chokosh

mwanaume unakula kitu ya uzito kama hii hapa


@introvert bwana krankashafter,apparently the world is out to please you…

Mnapenda samaki sana hadi mnaizika na maua. Hii ata siwezi guza juu sina patience or the skill to deal with the sharp bones. Fillet mambo yote. Kienyeji siwes.

They shiftd to a location hapo chini…

Next time uweke spoiler ya gore disclaimer, kijana yangu ameona ii kitu amelia sana.