Budget Washing Machine

3 years is not ‘standard’ washing machine ya LG ama Bosch can easily give more than 5 years…by this example a similarly priced TV ama Hometheatre should give 3 years? wewe wacha bana, @dennis_darren ajue kwa appliance kama washing machine hakuna shortcut, mtananue OLED TV past 100k but a good reliable wash machine is where you draw the line? Kitu itakupa even 7 years easily…ngonjeni hizo ma Mika, Ramtons na Von zianze kuwaitia fundi mtatii.

The problem is that Mika is being demonized yet I am using it in my 3rd year without any problems that have been mentioned, mara cable getting unstuck, consuming to much power, noisy, clothes getting bleached

I repeat 3 years is not standard when it comes to washing machines…nikama kununua a similarly TV/Hometheatre and surprised it’s lasted 3 years.

The OP’s budget is 40k, the suggested options are the ones that fit in that price range… We even have one 3 year testimonial and his fortunes may have improved by then anunue hio ya 200k

Ashike a used in mint condition from Expats on FaceBook, I’ve seen them go from 45K machine that was over 100k na mtu hajatumia more than a year.

Na incase of breakdown or servicing your washing machine, kindly consider me for that job.
I do repairs of fridge, cooker and oven, microwave and washing machine

Bado sijanunua hii kitu wadau. Will definitely go for an LG front load 7kg or 8kg. Wacha nipunguze sherehe hii Christmas January nishike kitu safi. Seems hakuna shortcut hapa.

Any leads on where to find such?


Kumbuka due diligence mkuu, kagua mali kwanza physically, I see them posted alot hapa. Facebook Marketplace pia ni place poa, there are genuine listings I’ve purchased stuff from.