Budget Samsung Flagship vs Mid-Range Options: A55 vs S23 FE vs S22

I’m looking for a nice, affordable Samsung flagship or a solid midrange option. I’ve narrowed down the search to these 3. However, the pricing is so absurd locally. I contacted an old plug who’s selling the S22 at 70K. Jana I’d made enquiries at Luthuli and the A55 was going for 60K. I expected the S22 to be way cheaper than that going by the Amazon prices shown on GSMArena. Where can I find good prices?

whats your budget tuanze hapo.

60K is the highest I’m willing to fork.

The amazon price indicated for the s22 is for a refurbished unit.
Phone prices have gone up, ongeza pesa or lower expectations and compromise. Mimi I opted to compromise

If your usage is going to be heavy on the camera and maybe a little gaming, go for the S series because they have snapdragon processors. If it’s for kawaida use, go for the new A55.

I would not buy an expensive refurbished phone, though.

I saw this somewhere on Facebook sijui kama inaeza kusaidia. Generally phone prices have gone up mpaka hata refurbished phones.

Thanks guys. I already bought the A55.

Thanks guys. I already bought the A55.