Budget places to go for a drive.

So yah as you all know that stupid celebration of love is coming up and am damn broke. I actually don’t believe in the whole thing but my mbich does and am a considerate cunt. So my idea is to put 1000 fuel and take her to Nairobi National park. I may use around 1500 for the entrance fees and other shenanigans. Have a nice day and hopefully get a blow job at the end of it. Do they charge Parking fees at Nairobi National park?

Also wazito if you know any nice places I could drive to with a budget of Ksh2500 or less please drop suggestions. Truly appreciated.

Si ununue dinner kwa decent hotel ya 1000/- each ?

Wine 500-600

Chocolate 200
Transport plus food 2400

Tosha gari


Thanks wazito but nimeona ntampeleka Nairobi Animal orphanage. Naona entrance fees is around 215… Perfect. I guess it’s also a noble thing since I contribute in caring for orphaned animals that have. … Just bullshiting you. I will go there because it’s cheap. :smiley:


I’d organize you a peri-urban farm tour

Mimi nimekosana na wangu. Sitaki kusumbuliwa. We will mend fences after 15th.

If your car doesn’t have good ground clearance dont even bother going for the game drive.

hii weeki yote ni kucheza chini en reemerge next week or thereabouts

Was this premeditated last month? :smiley:

Seriously… Valentines ama Champion League

Is this kiambethu farm in Limuru?

Kuna mwenye ana mtake care at the moment

Nope. It depends on what type of farming one intends to undertake.

If she loves you she won’t really care where you take her. It’s the thought that counts most…many people have money but no love ,so cherish what you got!

Valentines day hype has been on a slow decline over the recent years and fewer and fewer Kenyans get taken by it mainly due to over commercialization.

madphilosopher, Nairobi National Park drive will disappoint you. You will most likely only get to see zebras and other small herbivores. It’s getting increasingly difficult to spot the predators unless you do an early morning drive meaning your valentines treat will be over by 9 or 10 AM. You can combine it with a picnic in the park, quite easy and cheap you can surprise her with homemade food and some wine alafu mkalie shuka za warriah as you ramble on how you will be together till eternity. :smiley:

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Now what is that supposed to mean?