Budget movies

Is it that actors don’t have talent or what happens. Take Bruce Willis, great movies, the die hard movies, great acting, great movies all round. Then akifika kwa budget movies you can barely watch more than a few minutes. And it’s the same everywhere. It’s hard to imagine that in days gone by I would sit and watch Steven segal movies and be thrilled, now I can’t watch any of his movies past a few minutes. And the list is long.

Kwa actors wote niliona nikiwa mtoi ni Mr Bean tu nawezanga ku watch saa I… Labda ni ju ya kuongea:cool:

Nilijaribu kuwatch movie flani ya Netflix inaitwa Troll. That shit was horrible. The last rime I stopped watching a movie modway was Black Adams but ilibidi nisare iyo Troll. Ama ni mimi ndo sikurada? @slevyn ?? @nelo angelo @entertainedd ??

Tuko hapa nataka @Electronics4u anirent zile cameras zake HD ni shoot hii yangu.
Sn1. Complete hadi Kibra ndani :smiley:

kwanza Bruce Willis amejishukisha bei sana na kuact movies za upuzi. He was among the top rated actors. Seems alikua na njaa sana akasema ata mifupa atakula tu.

I think some actors get so bored, greedy, or broke to the extent that they will take any role or project. It even happens with big budget films. How do you explain someone like Anthony Hopkins acting in a Michael Bay Transformers film? That’s like Gordon Ramsay going to work at Burger King.

Bruce willis has a condition you nitwits ,thats why he gets crappy roles in low budgets because no big production company can take risk on him to flop a high budget movie…same with seagal…well different, he was outed as a fraud

modern movies are garbage… ona great story, they don’t hold out on the gore and funny af

What exactly is wrong with Hopkins starring in a Bay’s movie? Thats actually the hallmarks of an excellent actor

Michael Bay makes popcorn flicks that revolve around explosions, hot chicks, and the American flag fluttering dramatically in the wind. Not really the kind of genre you would expect a “serious” actor like Hopkins to be in.

Ooh youre right. You just reminded me of Family Guy’s rendition of Michael Bay’s films

Mimi sijawatch hio movie so sina maoni.

Trolls ni ya watoi makepee. You ought to have enjoyed

John wick ni budget but legendary

Bruce Willis ni vile tu ni mgonjwa ana tushida za memory. But a legend all the same.
Denzel Washington is still remains the G.O.A.T, can watch his movies ata akitoa ingine kesho.


The story of Nicholas Cage. After squandering $150M , having starred in some of the greatest movies (Con Air, National Treasure, Face Off etc) he found himself taking up budget movie roles left and right.

Jet li hata akifika 100 years atoe movie ya 10 bob budget ntawoch