Budget Laptop / NetBook

I’m thinking of getting a very cheap laptop to watch videos/browse the internet and other basic things , any ideas ? @Deorro

Tafuta @syndicate

Depends with your budget. Juu hata mimi hutumia hii for basic stuff n it just cost me $1000. While this amnt can buy you a solid windows device with more powerful features


Budget 20-25K

I am eyeing a Ilife Zed Air H2.
The laptop is very thin and light.
It has 3GB RAM (atleast si 2) , a 32GB SSD (OS iko hapo so it boots fast) and a 500GB HDD (for the movies).
It costs 20,000 flat on Jumia. That is the cheapest I have seen it sell.

That internal memory isnt an SSD. Its eMMc (or something like that). Apparently there is a difference but i dont know what it is.

Ive had some experience with this machine. Its not too bad, but the build is very plasticy. Comes in at close to 2kg in weight. That said, if all you will do is watch movies and browse then it’s a fine machine. Dont expect to play any serious games on it or run any RAM hungry software on it, it wont survive.
Also that 32GB is really like 20Gb of space because of windows 10 and the office 365 (which will need to be activated in 6months).

And Windows sucks!

How good is its battery life?
And the screen quality?
Halafu can it handle simple things like MS word well?
What about the browsing experience? Chrome inailemea ama iko sawa. Does it stutter during browsing heavy sites? What about when one opens multiple tabs?


if ur withing Thika… waweza kam kwa shop nikupe various brands of laptops for the equivalent amount uji chagulie…

It will handle those programs ok. I removed office 365 and installed office pro…although windows with it stupid issues it me issues installing it, but it runs ok.

Battery life is average. It will get you through a day on light use and browsing. I didnt install chrome when i had the machine so i cant comment on this. Screen resolution is good enough. Dont expect the world. Its an average comp. Nothing stellar about it

I just need it for the movies, some word editing and browsing.
It didn’t stutter when browsing, did it?

No it was fine

Kuna dell 2 gb ram…ngiri 20 pekee


I thought nowadays you should aim for minimum Core i3 … Ama niaje @Deorro ?

An i3 for watching movies!
Btw, it is not even a real Celeron. It is just a renamed Atom which is worse! A new i3 7th generation costs an average of 40K!

Hello bro, am here for u. I have what you need, LENOVO, HP, TOSHIBA and ZED Air.
Come inbox we strike a deal.