Budget 30K

Guys, I’m looking for a good smartphone under 30k. Your recommendations will be much appreciated.

Mambo ya simu iliza @Jimit . The kid is retarded but he does know a thing or two about phones.

Buana watu si wajinga buana. Niko na DSM manual na nimeku-diagnose and already you’re exhibiting some tell tale signs ya retard.

Wewe shika Redmi Note 12 na usisumbue. Though if I was you or @Soprano natafta a clean past flagship.


Note 12S @31k

Ingia pale Ebay UK or Backmarket. The US markets are even cheaper but make sure you pick an unlocked phone if US.

Preferably, get a US S21 with the Snapdragon processor, the Exynos used by the rest of the world is a tad bit slower but of course faster than the latest fastest 70K phone you can buy in Kenya today.

Get a grade A refurbished Samsung S20 or S21.
They are factory refurbished so they look and run like new.

And it’s a freaking flagship phone that still costs 100k in Kenya.

Yes, with the 30K budget, it’s possible.

Ship it using akina Aquantao. Probably cost less than 2k to ship it to Kenya and less than 2 weeks.

Flagships from 1 or 2 years ago are still up to 5 times faster than mid range phones especially the GPU and Camera/Video due to OIS. The screen is 120hz 1440p or 1080p+, 1500 nits LTPO. Just to put it into perspective, mid range phones tap out at usually 600 nits, 60hz.

Don’t believe me? Check the reviews for the S21 and then compare to whatever Xiaomi trash or Samsung garbage that people will recommend. Check the Greekbench benchmark scores. The S21 should be like 5 times faster, 7 times faster on 3D Mark. Then there’s stuff like build quality. Corning Invictus Glass with aluminum casing, wireless charging etc.

5G and twin sim?Weka link

UTL Kenya | Facebook

There is that company niliona tu by accident. Looking at what and how they’re selling, I think one could try them. Kwanza hio malipo ya pole is a masterstroke. Samsung galaxy note 10 plus wanauza 40K, you pay 20K cash deposit halafu 5k for 4 months. Sounds good to me!

Nilisema sitashika simu itani cost saidi ya 12k…:smiley:

OP shika ka samzang ka 12k…:smiley:

Hao sio my name sakes :D:D

Nimeona Wana vitu fiti sana.

Uliza johnte addi gaza on Monday ameiba Samsung Gani hii weekend

check this s21 on backmarket
only ($205)
compare it with the new A24 retailing at roughly the same price

hizo simu za 12k zinakuanga na shida moja, low and inferior specs. unapata simu ikona ram ya 2gb na internal ya 32gb, ukidownload apps mbili ama tatu kutoka playstore simu inaanza kuhang ka shit na simu zenyewe pia ziko very slow and annoying.

Nice. Would you recommend the Pixel 6A (or any other decent Pixel phone for that matter as long as the pricing is good)?

Hii niko nayo naona iko tu sawa. Ina serve purpose kweli kweli. Haijanikosea heshima bado.

Huwa nasema anything portable inafaa kuwa ya bei nafuu, such that hata ikipotea nanunua ingine mara moja, bila kuskia hasara. Had a good phone, mujamaa akaniwekea vizuri nkasema hizi ma techno Samsung ndio zangu Sasa.

I don’t buy phones over 20k after losing several expensive phones. However this year I might add the 10k to make it 30k.
I am still wondering though, what do people do with very expensive phones that can’t be done with a say a 30k phone. I can work on a spreadsheet from my current phone, I can create a PDF file and read them, I hardly take photos but when I do it’ll work just fine. Until when I start a YouTube channel or become a photographer or need to do something specific with a phone, I’ll stick to these.

Nyamkondoo, upgrade ile pixel 4 yako to pixel 7a

taste and preference. we cant all have the same tastes and preferences. also kuna watu who have too much money to spend so he can easily spend it on anything. its like asking why would someone buy a 20Million merceds amg yet a 1million vitz can do the same job.