Buddy's wife

How do you go about a lady who happens to be your buddy’s wife, making desperate moves on you including inviting you to Sankara roof top to ‘talk’ not to mention texting you room number of a hotel again to ‘talk’.simply because you caught her seriously kissing a guy in a mall. @tall mnyama everywhere kuja unichukue Wilson

Enda usikize vile anasema.

Hahahaa…she wants to set you up fool!!so that ukimsema akuruke…and that’s how you’ll lose a friend.

Huyo gwachana naye kabisa. I say RUN!

Vile @Phylgee amesema. Just ask your friend if things are OK between him and wife, and don’t tell why. Some demons are better unearthed kaka.

You go… Enjoy the hugs, the drinks, the kisses and what the hell, akitoa suruali nyandua kitu… Get your silly self set up…

You have dirt on her and now she wants to get some dirt on you. She’s gonna set you so that she can discredit you before you tell her husband what you saw her doing. If you love your sanity, block her number and never go within 50 feet of her vicinity. Hii inakaa one of those conniving kungurus that go to extreme lengths to keep their skeletons hidden.

Bros before hoes… snitch on that bitch like mothefucker otherwise she will set you up.

as long as he don’t got evidence he got nothing…hoes mostly end up winning.

@Stew maker don’t snitch.

If there was no ktalk to ask for ideas,how would have responded to the call and the texts

He has clearly stated she has bn texting him to meet her in a hotel and shit… she is stupid as fuck making her to confess on txt is easy.

hotel room number is nothing…it’s vague and can be manipulated into anything.

Leo umeunda supu gani murume?

Someones wife sending another man hotel room numbers ata akue jinga aje it stinks to high heavens.

Mujamaa tunajua you cunt relate

Exactly, I don’t have proof. Not even a photo. And you know how women are, you snitch on her and she will make sure she wins him back at whatever cost. Jamaa anaeza fanyiwa spider style. Usicheze na Wanawake

Siku hizi mimi sio mtu wa Baghdad

from a woman’s perspective…ogopa wanawake my fren.

Will have fell on her trap. Siwezi risk

Block her and keep off her kabisa!