Bubble has actually bursted.


na bado… kwanza saii vile pesa inarudishwa

Don’t believe the current crop of journalists. They’re as lazy and unoriginal as they can get away with.

Houses in Nairobi are over valued. This was mostly because these luxury houses were targeted towards people with Corruption / black market proceeds that they needed to clean. With stringent financial regulations now in place, it is becoming harder to wash money via real estate purchase

Brown envelope journalism

Amednassir’s Nairobi Business Monthly has a good analysis on this topic.

Hii iliburst late 2017 ,we noticed this and bailed out during the suraya 2 spring valley project ,wacha expariates akina @Purple wapate the reality on the ground , watalilia kwa choo .

owners wa manyumba ya kukodisha think otherwise.hawaoni kitunguu ikiungua.Hii story kwao ni meff tu

The trickle down effect ya house prices falling is more Kenyans will now afford to buy those homes in cash or mortgage,most landlords will suffer because “good tenant” base will prefer owning the cheaper houses,so watabaki na ma tenant kusumbua ,who fail to pay rent or Hama usiku .2) most landlords will suffer because most of them build using loans and some build on inherited land especially in kiambu county,uko na nyumba occupying your land but you aren’t getting much from it

Ukiona gathecha refusing to develop gicheha farm and instead sold it as plots jua real estate is dead as a dodo in kenya

people in this business need to know who needs housing.
sort out the 12-25k bracket and you’ll almost never have tenant issues.
make the environment clean, supply water and have a supermarket around and an atm.
then you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

hypothetically speaking,mtu akinunua nyumba time ya burst ,will the mortgage be revised according to the current housing price of that time if there’s a boom

I doubt people have the money to buy houses. Its just the other day tuliambiwa na Njoroge eti less than 1% of Kenyan account holders have more than a milliin bob.

No, mortgage is just a loan pegged on the house as security,utalipa just what you borrowed plus the agreed interest rate and charges

Pesa iko ,chini ya mattress ,money market,stock market etc ,take a maasai ,he has 300 cows worth 100,000 hio utanunua a simple house huko kamulu,lack of formal banking account details doesn’t mean people are moneyless.

Utasumbuana na watu wa 12k surely?
Weka hiyo 25k-50k

Niaje keyataker.

so,in concept,would it be wise to indulge, now that things are hitting rockbottom ama it might turn and bite me?