BTC to Paypal.

I’ve heard of akina changehigh before but that time I didn’t know much about crypto and always thought hizo vitu kwa complex kuelewa. So a few days ago I stumbled upon someone praising Hiribi and got interested. I’ve been doing some digging till leo. I tried it out with 20$ BTC and I got $25 to my paypal si its a profit of $5 in return. But on the course of my “digging” niliona watu wakilia ati that kind of trading huwa inafanya paypal yako kuwa limited/ banned. Some said it’s due to trading large amounts and one even advised to keep it to $400 per week.
Mimi on the other hand hiyo $5 per day imenitosha. I’m still young na sitaki stress za kuwa na pesa mingi or even worse paypal kulimit my account ikiwa na pesa.
Please advise me if it safe to continue trading and since nitakuwa na receive small amounts of money will that really raise a red flag huko paypal?
P.S my paypal acc is verified na iko like 3 yrs old maximum amount nishaitransact ni $50 na it’s just mara ka tatu.

You dont want to deal with paypal on such cases. They are cruel.

Hiyo PayPal imeenda. How dumb can you be kutrade deals za BTC na PayPal. Anyway, ngoja kuitishwa documents and being banned.

you have just lost your account, probably in the next 2 days or so, last year it was very profitable saa hii inakill accounts

pesa nimeshatoa. iko kwa njia to mpesa

dont send any money to that account kama haitakufa within the week umeponea

The moment you receive money from a stolen PayPal account ndio utajua

I have been experiencing problems withdrawing from paypal to MPESA though I can purchase stuff with the account. The account is verified and linked to my MasterCard. Shida inaweza kuwa nini