Bryan Kibet wounded by GSU after forcibly trying to enter Statehouse armed with a knife

Bangi sio sukuma. A university student armed with a kitchen knife refused to heed warnings from GSU officers manning statehouse and jumped over the fence. He had earlier posted on facebook about his intent to get into the house on the hill. He is lucky to be alive as the AK47 bullet missed his vital organs.

link?, picha ya facebook??

yo,my man @maizeroaster ,you done take the revolution thing too far son

Hapo we commend the GSU for their poor aiming and shooting skills, they just saved a young mans life.

Im sure ingekuwa regular police , huyo Kijana angefyatuliwa risasi kama 200, and a fake gun planted to justify the shooting. Alafu uskie alikuwa kwa wanted list ya criminals stealing from Mpesa shops. Fcuk the police!

Good job @maizeroaster

they should have arrested him without shedding blood.

hii bangi huuzwa jkuat sio mchezo

Kijana alikuwa na shida based on his fcebook posts

Boy alikuliwa manzi na sponsor akaanza machungu

Leta effidence, complete including receipt ya lodging.

Naskia iko mjinga amepigwa risasi white house
I hope sio huyu

He was neutralised by statehouse guards after managing to scale the perimeter wall. Some of his recent FB posts:

Hicho Kiingereza ni cha mwanafunzi wa chuo kikuu kweli? Mwanafunzi anayesomea taaluma ya Uhandisi wa mitambo?

ata kanye akizungumza ukweli huambiwa amechizi…guy isjust sincerely depressed

you will be suprised on what kind of dunderheads were gaining admission into our campoz before matiangz came through…

kijana is just a victim of the system

Kabla Chinese waanze kuuza mitumba Gikomba

Huyu Ni mrasta @sani kujia mtu wenyu.

the guy might have been mentally ill then he met propaganda on Facebook which brainwashed him

angalia the pages he followed


next angalia his Facebook posts na utaona

The hero we dont need but deserve. Kusema na kutenda.