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Hi guyz. I want to buy Bruhm fridge, specifically [SIZE=4][FONT=arial]Bruhm BRD225 - Double Door Refrigerator goes for 25k at Jumia and also gas cooker [/FONT][/SIZE][FONT=arial][SIZE=4]Bruhm BGC 6640NW - Free Standing Gas Cooker - 60cm x 60cm - White[/SIZE][/FONT][SIZE=4][FONT=arial] going for 13k. Anyone with this products who can give me a review of how they are like?[/FONT][/SIZE]

I have been watching them and I think they are great for the electronics with basic old systems like fridge, cookers, blenders, etc. Kwa tv ndio I would havw to tread carefully. I took a risk with Ramtons when they were new and they never disappointed. Fridge is old technology and simple, I would go for it.

Thank you. I thought so too. They may be cheap just coz they are new in the market but I’ve never heard a complain.

In fact apart from the veterans in fridges i.e samsung and LG, I would go for ramtons or brühm

The Carrefour HUB Karen used to sell their brands at a serious discounted price but items were being returned everyday because they were faulty…cheap is expensive…however do what your heart tells you…your experience might be different…ni hayo tu!!!

Those simple tech are a good entry point into the household appliances market, you fukc up you ship out. Ramtons started with blenders and microwave sasa wako kwa fridge. My cooker is ramtons, blender and washing machine too. No complains kabsaa. Fridge nimeona a friend or two nazo and doing fine, though sasa prices walihike. Ohms is also coming up fine.

they were selling cheap because theywere faulty, the specific items.

Compare price na Ramtons, i can confidently vouch for them.

Jamani!! You’ve started scaring me and the way I was confident… but could it be they were selling at such a high discount because they were faulty? I saw one that was being sold I think 16k at Jumia being sold at 10k at Carrefour

two years later my fridge and cooker run like clockwork.But kimbia eastleigh kwanza ucompare price,wako na warranty ya one year same as jumia i guess,and free delivery within nairobi

Eastleigh wapi…

All these at Carrefour. bought the transparent glass water heater kettle, looks very nice, but cracked after a few months. They were on offer at 980 bob (current price is 2500).My smart TV, the 55 inch 4K Ultra HD (bought at 44k ), developed a thin line on the screen after 2 months. I had already mounted on the wall. The line can’t be seen unless you go very close to the screen. Still has a warranty, but no time to unmount and take it back since it just shows fine. I bought a sound bar only to realize the TV didn’t have this port (can’t remember its name) which you can connect to soundbar (The port is on most other TV models), so had to purchase an auxiliary cable (100 bob) to use it to connect. I bought a microwave with grill for around 6k, the next cheapest option was 9k. Have only had it for two months, so far no issue.

Eastleigh wapi exactly?

So it seems there is a problem at Carrefour…

Bangkok Mall opposite,sijui inaitwaje but from there ukiulizia watakushow

Thank you. I will check it out.

Bora wakupee warranty

When you buy such items, you most likely want to forget about them for not less than 10 years. Why not add a few more shillings and buy something you won’t need to think about for the next 10 to 15 years. Cheap brands come with too many uncertainties. A few years down the line you will wish you made a better decision as you head back to the shop for a better brand.