brothels that have been closed

The rate at which brothels are closed in Nairobi is very high, what is happening? Does the government know some of us can’t live without these brothels? In less than one month two clubs have been closed; Tahiti, Kericho East and batis. Am told even Apples have been given a notice.

enda kaa na mama yako kama hauna bibi

chill,batis was a whorehole?

Chill was also closed by the way



Kama wanataka kumaliza umalaya waende Roysambu hapo TRM Drive. That’s where large-scale whoring takes place.

If I had the money, I would buy their services and skip the hustle. Hio energy na time could be used somewhere else.

brother man drop the grid reference and actual coordinates nifike huko leo leo

Hawa you won’t get them lined on the steets. Utawapata online on forums like Craigslist, Tagged, Tinder and the likes.

ukweli mtupu

Very good news.

Omwami enda ama na uache kusumbua Mbirioneas

hehehe hao niliachan na wao tangu mtu aniitishe 5k for less than thirte mins of pleasure …

hehehehe hao huweka picha zinge moto wacha niseme ukipata nao unahepa

Life story zako Andika kwa diary. I can almost exactly pinpoint exactly who you are.

Ubaya Sina haja na peasants nzige chafu

Wewe caretaker sugua plot pole pole bila kusumbua alafu ulipe Badoo premium like the loser you are. Everyone here knows you aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed so wacha kujifanya F.B.I hapa. I bet you can’t locate your own penis in the dark, dumbass motherfucker.

Wamefunga Kericho East???

Yap its closed

Probably for the best.