brothels in thika town

Having lunch with a friend here, he’s asking about brothels.

Where can we find in this town

Najua ni wewe unataka kujua but you have to drag your friend in tusijue ni ww blueballs ziko final stages zinakumaliza

wachaneni na maliar. as @Pastorde and @Pastor Eunice Otieno say, whores will only lead one to the path of destruction…instead, ulizeni zilipo nyumba za ibada thika

The quickest way to find what you are looking for is to behave like someone who needs brothel services.Ask everyone around including whoever is serving you lunch.
If the above fails visit a shop or a kiosk near you and buy a packet of condoms and in the process ask the seller to help you with directions to where you can use them.

Nikama ulikuja na gunia mingi za ujinga kutoka London

Si unaenda tu kwa clubs buda. Thika is bustling with that business.


You should be ashamed of yourself today being a Sunday. May God deliver you from those demons of lust.

Enda ukatie dame uombe vitu kama mwanaume wa kawaida shenzi wewe

watu kama nyinyi ndio mnafanya Thika ikose mvua…sasa naskia mvua imefika hapo bluepost ikarudi:mad:

Sio kila mtu huomba SUNDAY. What if he is an atheist or Muslim or etc?

Huku shida ya kusaka brothels hautuna mblo. The streets baada ya saa tano from the balcony wanjianika tu. Plus Swahili women have made it less of a hassole/hustle.

Swahili women whoring in Thika? Really? I thought they are somewhat conservative.

BLUEBALLS do not recognize days of the week…

Si u bring that list…am his friend who needed the services

enda hapo skymotel ama rwambogo. karibu na mainstage

better still anaweza ingia mku

enda MKU upate a pretty young thang with mileage from here to the arctic circle

Sasa apa unapata aje???

MKU hakuna poko mblo