Brothel business

Wewe ni @Starscream ama wewe ni bonoko?

Lakini kuma ya 150 si imekulwa na all types of lowlifes. Ogopa

Senye ni senye, any other scale that you can apply is superficial. There is no such thing as a highend whore or girlfriend, that’s just putting pussy on a pedestal and a bigtime shit-test fail.

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For those saying hoes wenye wako high end clubs bado ndio huenda low end clubs, kuna kitu mnaignore. Sure, ukienda BND huwezi kosa at least one hoe from Sabina Joy/VIP etc. But don’t let that fool you into thinking that the women are the same ones you will find at SJ overall.

I came to learn that just like everything else, prostitution exists on a continuum. There are no clear boundaries but the difference between extremes such as a hoe at Gemini and another at Somerset is as clear as day.

The same people saying that hoes at BND ni same na SJ would never screw at Somerset. Yet, a hoe in Somerset may decide to “upgrade” to SJ and they wouldn’t know. The same way an SJ hoe may decide to try hustling at BND for a weekend kujaribu bahati yake.

Eventually, market forces rule the world. Hoes frequent the locations where they make the most money (that’s their true market value). A hot hoe will make the most money in a high end club. An average hoe will make the most cash at an average club and so on. If the average looking hoe tries to “upgrade” she will always burn her fingers because she can’t compete at that level. The same way Sabina Joy hoes can’t hack it at Gemini. In the end, just because you saw an SJ hoe at a high end club doesn’t mean she is hacking it there because if she did she wouldn’t return to SJ.

The same goes for men by the way. A peasant earning 30k won’t afford drinking at a high end club without ruining his finances. Its just simple economics. Its very easy to know how much a man earns based on where he spends his paycheck most frequently. If you tell me that you relax at Sabina Joy most of the times, I will know outright that you are working class not a G.


So much truth here

Munaongea juu ya hoes since last year bana kwa hii thread. Hamchoki? .

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Before niingie Kenyatalk, this idea of people actually paying for sex existed in a parallel universe kabisa. It never crossed my mind even once. 90% of young blokes who stumble on this site ni kuharibika wataharibika tu.


Siku moja nitawekelea brothel kama SJ ivi. The house always wins. Funny thing is hata malaya wenyewe hubuy pombe na pesa yao wanakunywa. They inevitably become alcoholics and spend their earnings at the club anyway. The only person who makes out like a bandit is the entrepreneur and maybe the dirty cops he bribes. Economy ya club huwa interesting sana.


Unafaa uandike thesis ya malaya badala ya hizi paragraphs zote mzee

Pea nyanya yako hiyo recommendation.

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I remember that story it was good