Brookside Pearls Apartments @ Westlands

Wadau naomba usaidizi.

The houses are on sale. Cheapest one going for 25M to 45M. My sibling met with the owner at TRM akiwa tu round mwenda and landed a conversation with him which led to being offered a job to get buyers at 2% commission.

Sasa mimi hustler ya fote four na fote fae sina links za birrioneas wanaeza fika bei hio mtaa. Kama kuna talker ako na connections za birrioneas wazito saidia kupata client then utapewa za macho.

Selling apartments @ that price range sio mchezo you will work your ass off to get that commission…Kama villacare and hass consult are having a rough time selling those apartments sembuse wewe? Henyway all the best.

Already have one .

You never know. unaeza patana na mzito na awe anadai kununua keja. a friend of a friend maybe…remeber Friends episode waaaaay back where theme ilikuwa you know a friend of a friend…that knows you…? Kitu kaa hio

Inbox details

@Muhura Ndore enda kwa group za Kenyans wako diaspora. You will get wateja kwanza akina @Purple.
@Panyaste Hana kitu yeye amefungwa kwa nyumba na linyanya lizee.

Nitajaribu pia. Thanx

Saa hii inafaa ukuwe ume tengeneza portfolio ya hizo nyumba. Ukuwe Una post kwa hizo group

Your sibling will have to work very hard kupata buyers

It is not as easy as it seems. I hope that you get a buyer, but ni ngumu sana kupata mnunuzi nowadays especially for high end property.

Not worth it

Why did they decide to sell? Before it was serviced apartment. Its in a good locale and all rooms master ensuite ,lifts and underground parking is a plus, who were the developers? Wahindi I dont trust, they put up the apartments on Riparian or poor plumbing which falls apart after selling and disappearing with your money .40M for that location for 5BR is ok but if it was my decision Id rather use the money to buy a beachfront penthouse ,housing in Nrb is obnoxiously high . Tafuta Sudanese and even Chinese women , theyre always looking for property in upmarket places and developments now is highrise. When I was younger ,bungalows and maybe 2 storey buildings were the majorrity but nowadays , all around is highrise apartos going up. Almost on a monthly basis new highrise is coming up. The place I grew up is now surrounded by office complexes now , its beginning to feel like those wahindi who live in CBD . Kwanza office space is just snatching up land . You focus on foreigners, Kenyans kazi yao ni kununua Benz, Iphones,expensive looking things while living in a rented house in Rongai or Umoja . Tafuta forums za foreigners or go hang out in the joints they hang out in. All the best.