Brookside Milk

For the past few weeks, imekuwa ngumu kupata maziwa ya brookside on various shops and supermarkets that I patronize.

Kwani hii kampuni ya Mama Ngina imeanza kuanguka before ata kijana atoke kwa kiti?

When Ruto gets to power, we shall transform KCC, Daima, Mt Kenya Milk, Bahati dairies, Eldoville etc into formidable entities just to spite the blood-sucking vampires from Ichaweri.

There’s shortage of milk countrywide

Shienzi ambia jambaz afungue “Brookside” yake.

Hapana tambua hizo vampires from Ichaweri

Kuna milk from others companies with better quality

These are private businesses. Just give them a call or write an email and wait for the feedback. You can then share it with us

Mbillionaire s kama Mimi na @ChifuMbitika tuko na large diary herds apana tambua Brooklyn side chieth

True dat broda

Ambia jambaz afungue Sukoi Dairies auzie stupid tangatangas maziwa.

When your boss grabs all arable land .

As far as i am concerned my boss has not grabbed any land.

If you meant Uhuru Kenyatta has grabbed all the land (he is the president and not y boss) then you are not a clever small bull.
My grannies 2 acres which is very arable still belongs to her. UK has not grabbed it. Even her neighbours still own their lands.

I literally can’t remember the last time I had packed milk. Kamueni mawe uko Nairobi.

Kwendeni mkakule kuku za Arap Singh ghaseers.

Shida ni nini…Ng’ombe wako, nyasi ziko, Maji na gari za distribution ziko…sielewi.

Ni kama ng’ombe zimekataa kutoa maziwa

He will grab all of them and create a monopoly like brookside