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[SIZE=7]How and Why Joe “Jowie” Irungu Killed Monica Nyawira Kimani[/SIZE]
Kahawa Tungu

September 28, 2018

Joe Irungu is being held in connection to the gruesome murder of Monica Nyawira Kimani who was found dead in her apartment along Dennis Pritt road in Kilimani.

According to our sources in South Sudan and Nairobi, Monica went to South Sudan on the invitation of her father who was popular as the go-to newspaper vendor in Juba, serving the Kenyan community with their favourite newspapers without fail.

Bishop Paul Garama sold newspapers for many years until 2013 when he invited members of his family over to Juba where they trooped in on a bus. Through the newspaper vendor, and now Bishop’s connections, Monica Nyawira was able to secure a job at the Kenyan embassy in Juba.

Bishop Paul Garama who is Monica Kimani’s father was never a rich man. He was a newspaper vendor who later met missionaries in Juba and its the missionaries and their associates who ordained him as bishop. Bishop Garama never attended any theological school.

The pretty lady was able to start relationship with various well connected South Sudan leaders, the latest being the current [SIZE=5]Deputy Speaker (Daniel Awet Akot) [/SIZE]who funded her expensive lifestyle and helped her secure lot of cash and travel with the same to Nairobi. Sudan Speaker Daniel Awet Akot who has been dating Monica Kimani| Courtesy

Using the cover of the Deputy Speaker who is also a renowned general in the South Sudan military, Monica was able to avoid the hassle of regularly being blocked from travelling with huge amounts of cash to Kenya from South Sudan. The cover of the Kenyan embassy was an added advantage.

Soon, Monica thought that the[SIZE=6] 70-year old South Sudan Deputy Speaker [/SIZE]would not offer her the sexual satisfaction and lifetime companionship she needed. So when the hunky Joe “Jowie” Irungu privately messaged her few months ago, she didn’t hesitate to get interested and soon opened up to her. Even the widely publicised engagement between Joe and Jacque Maribe didn’t dampen the spirit of Monica whose family was enjoying her deep connections and loads of cash and influence which she was now enjoying.

While Monica was not pushing her limits knowing that Joe was aware of her relationships with the South Sudan methuselah, she was sure that being jobless, Joe depended on her and she loved the sex and warm embrace while with him in Kenya. But Joe Irungu aka Jowie was scheming on how to get his hands on the money Monica brought home and disappear with the same. He didn’t love Monica even one little bit. Paul Garama and wife | Courtesy

So Joe hatched a plan to have it all and end Monica’s life. Joe is a trained killer who previously worked with [SIZE=5]Private Military Contractors [/SIZE]attached to the US homeland security, O’Gara Group, before later joining another one called KBR.

Apart from the few private protection assignments locally, Joe Irungu has generally been jobless. He was private security guard of then Senator Joyce Lay during the 2017 political campaigns but after losing the seat, the former senator couldn’t sustain him. (L) and Monica (R)

Joe was later to [SIZE=5]team up with others and provide additional security and surveillance services to Jubilee party during various events including the second inauguration of President Uhuru Kenyatta after the 2017 election. [/SIZE]Questions are being raised by senior military and police officers why special forces in the army and police were not used instead of the private mercenaries.

[SIZE=5]Some politicians in the opposition coalition NASA camp even believe that Joe Irungu and 3 others were responsible for the high profile assassinations and harassment of the coalition’s leaders in the run up to the 2017 election.[/SIZE]

According to those who knew Monica and her ways of doing things, it seems that she bragged to someone who later leaked the message to Joe that she was going to get her money and use the same to do some shopping in Dubai where she was scheduled to go for holiday.

Joe planed his robbery so meticulously but ignored the very obvious. He picked Monica from the airport in Jacque Maribe’s car. He dropped the lady to her apartment, had sex with her then proceeded to get her to reveal how much and where she kept the money she was carrying. That information seems to have spelled the end of Monica’s life since Joe, the trained killer, ended the life of Monica Nyawira Kimani then proceeded to escape from the apartment with the undisclosed amount of money.

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Joe’s desperation for money was witnessed early this year when he sent a message to friends and key politicians claiming that one of his relatives was dead. When some of his relatives got wind and came out to deny such, Joe was forced to eat humble pie and apologise to his friends and relatives, including sitting MPs and cabinet secretaries.

Joe ignored his semen which was still fresh from the sexual intercourse and the footprint he left all over the city. Joe’s only hope and wish after the gruesome murder he committed was to never be found and proceed to marry jacque Maribe who was demanding a more expensive lifestyle which Joe couldn’t sustain.

Knowingly or unknowingly, Monica Kimani’s brother claimed that she came from the airport in a Taxify taxi. That might not be true but might be a way in which Joe was trying to mask his footprints by telling the lady to say that she was in a taxi.

Even with Jacque Maribe’s desperate attempt to arrange various media engagements for Joe to clean his image, he has proven to be a serious risk in all aspects.

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Currently, Joe Irungu’s only hope is Jacque Maribe’s connections in State House and beyond. His hope is that the highly placed government officials would magically help terminate his investigation, allowing him to escape with the money he robbed Monica Nyawira Kimani and then killed her.

Before starting to date Jacque Maribe, Joe Irungu was romantically involved with Maureen Kahehu who he dated and even slept with her sister leading to the break-up.

But remember that even while knowing the woman well and her association with her boyfriend, Jacque Maribe was the Tv host who announced the death of Monica Kimani.

Huyu alai nilimwona hapo USIU akifanya masters lakini grammar na syntax hapa inachokesha mtu kusoma…just write in kiswahili

The guy is just bad news…ghasia takataka bure kabisa. If you break him down to the basics, take out the supposed good looks, he’s just a run-of-the-mill 5k per month soja.

Ion, the gutter press article has raised some issues that perhaps warrant further investigation. I wonder if there’s a link between Jowie and Musando or even the late Juma? If he didn’t do it, he might know who did it. That “elite” hitman crowd is a small underworld surely they must know each other. Wafinye makagary until he starts talking.

Hehehe it seems this story is very personal to you…fungua roho dada tupe hekaya

:D:D:D Hio story has really incensed @Purple

Ama hata his names are Joseph Irungu GATHE…

Huoni kanakaa? You don’t get near power just fwaaa. Hapa Alai ajichunge sana. Quite possibly it was during the campaign process that Joseph met Jacque Maribe since she was covering mkubwa following him around the country.

I mean if you can’t land mkubwa, you marry a relative… Plausible?

It’s very personal in that a young, hardworking lady was brutally murdered in her home. She’s a woman like me and I’d like to have some reassurance that her murderers will face justice.

We castigate female slay queens but what would you call Jowie? Isn’t he a male slayqueen too? He was jobless, yet he led a lavish lifestyle by using his physique to prey on rich women that could maintain his upkeep.

No sane judge will accept evidence gained through torture

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@Randy kuja uchapwe na bumbumbuwasi. Bumbumbuwasi ya mwaka. Kassin yako alikuwa anacheza international league kama vera.

There is no shortcut to success or big money, unless you’re a Kenyan thieving politician, tenderpreneur or were lucky enough to be born in the “old money”.

Feel for this generation, especially with social media where people seek validation to fill the “void” or try hard to compete with the Joneses.

So she was a secretary that got rich through ‘immoral ways’ and not a businesswoman!!!
*decent language used as a sign of respect to the dead

jowie and obado ni kitu moja tu, dumb as a rock.Yani after all that Military experience shit na unafanya kazi like a complete amateur.

I agree with this for the most part except hiyo ya “hardworking”

Hii story umeifanya personal sana, you have the bitterness of a jilted lover.
Let me guess, Jowie may have used you too for your money, anakukamua with niceness and then chops your hard earned loot from Trumpistan. After amekula ya kutosha you got dumped and had to settle for a gichagi kienyeji injinia… tell me I’m wrong.

Anyway, hakuna venye huyu dem alikuwa anafanya clean business. Hata Baba Moi alishawaambia (watch from 2:59-3:51)… so huyu dem lazima alikanyaga live wire mahali

The White neighbour excused her to talk to two guys…ama there was some threesum??? My dots are not connecting.

Kila mtu apambane na hali yake. Jowie na sijui Kimani wakionana gland to gland combat nlikua?

Bloggers have found their traffic magnet. The story will be twisted to no end. Guys are falling for it hook line and sinker. Someone just sent me a screenshot purporting NAIROBI 1 is in the mix. Just a lot of rumors and innuendos .



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