Broken News: Jose Mourinho appointed Man Utd Manager.

Hiyo hata haitakuwa kali. City vs United will be hotter because of the egos of the two managers.

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True that. This 2015/16 season to me was rather very dull in terms of the derbies and the rivalries among the teams. Reason why I can’t wait for the new season, nothing better than rival managers in derbies.

And since the table has been rearranged , iItakua real sana!


Pep, mourinho & klopp by their high standards & track record in europe will probably demand ucl football as a minimum requirement for 17/18 season.
That leaves the perennial no.4 title winner (msinitusi pris:cool:) to battle it out with pochettino, conte & possibly ranieri/bilic for the final spot.
Fireworks season mzima nakwambia!

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It won’t be that easy for the two because they won’t be the only teams with the money. Other teams are likely to strengthen and it is very hard to predict who will win the EPL in the coming season. Remember all teams will have a lot of money to spend due to the highly lucrative new TV rights deal.

Image rights holding up the announcement. Apparently Chelsea registered “Jose Mourinho” for marketing and that has to be reversed.

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Image rights sorted, awaiting announcement.

we as the red devils we are only waiting for the image rights from Chelsea after that jamaa ni wetu, ata generate pesa ka yote even without the tittle(s)

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Watu wa ratchester yawnited, tulieni.


Its official.

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[ATTACH=full]41771[/ATTACH] Poor Mata.

I hope not, Mata is now an Village Elder at Man Utd. Rooney-Mata-Carrick are the leaders of the team.

If his wages are not huge I would say keep him atleast as a squad player.
He’s too entrenched into the team now & the fans love him too to just dispose off of him

hope Jose can incorporate Mata in his system of play. but he was displaced by Oscar at Chelsea, I think it will be different at United

Exactly, Mata has invested so much into Man Utd that he can’t leave now. He even said he is totally settled in Chesire Manchester with his family that he can’t leave. The kids school has done wonders for them and their English is super. The dad even moved to Manchester to start a restaurant, the wife is comfortable and happy. Mata, De Gea, Herrera, Rojo, Valencia, Perreira, Romero and Varela are the Amigo’s who dine together and they tag along other team members for spanish feast including Man City players. Ed Woodward Man Utd Executive Vice-Chairman acknowledged Mata influence in the logger room and with fans that he asked him to officially link his blog to Man Utd official website.

Remember LVG finally dropped his failed game philosophy after Rooney (captain) Carrick (Vice Captain) and Mata approached him officially in his office to share their concerns after 8 straight 0 nil draws.