BROKE Nairobi With poor Drainage To Acquire Ksh 30 MILLION Gold Mace For CityHOLE County Assembly

NIABM and have LOWEST IQ among all primates including the one that live in the jungles.

Of what use will a golden pole be when trash is piling up day and night and the drainages are all clogged up. When will negroes ever have at least 5 functioning braincells?

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And it will probably be a gold plated chuma, total cost not more than 100k pale Kwa muhindi nagin patni


And they are yet to recover the mayoral chain that was stolen from nairobi city council. This country is one big joke, headed by arseholes who have decided to raze it to the ground. Why are Kenyans this stupid?

I blame Sakaja and his helmet looking hairline. mburukenge govna.

Whom did you vote for?