Broke Men Are Dangerous

In the light of the Monica Kimani gruesome murder Ive come to the conclusion that men and women dont react/cope the same to lack of resources or downgrade of socio economic status. Men usually feel they are nothing without money/status and such men have alot of frustration and anger and women would do well to steer clear of them because hurting people in this case broke men hurt people in this case innocent women whose only crime is to have loved them.

Case 1 Jowie Kills Monica implicating his girlfriend Maribe

Jowies case after losing his job and deportation from the Middle East, the way he murdered Monica speaks to the amount of rage pent up in this guy - no need to explain.

Case 2 Dola kills Wife

The two were retrenched. While the late Wambui Kabiru was busy hustling to support their son, Dola became physically abusive to his late wife, an alcoholic and a conman who conned several friends and relatives. The last straw came when the late Wambui got a good job in Ghana, she was to relocate the next week and had everything ready. The weekend prior to this Dola killed her by throwing her down a flight of stairs.

Case 3 Satellite MCA kills estranged wife implicating his girlfriend

The MCA lured the young girl with cars and rented house for her in Lavington. Leaving his first wife and two teenage children. He then lost the seat and became extremely violent and paranoid that the late Njambi was cheating on him. Finally she moved out for her safety and that of their son. One day he visits her at her Kiambu Rd Apartment under the guise of seeing their son. Him and his friend kidnap the poor woman take her to a coffee plaintation ,taunt her by asking her who her husband is, beat her, rape her, pour sulfuric acid all over her body and then force her to drink the acid to finish her,leave her naked, burnt, bleeding in the bush to die . She lives to tell the story after crawling to the road and being taken to hospital by a good samaritan.

Hapa nakubaliana na wewe Georgina. Broke men are truly dangerous to the society,even if am in that category at times.

Nope. More women have killed their men for money than the other way round. Especially in Kiambu.

How about reach husbands…

A link to this storu please

What about the rich strathmore don… What happned to the buger… Has he had his day in court… Ama pesa ime nunua haki.

Reach husbands are not broke? Or are they?


Broke men kill out of frustration over their being failures according to societal standards for men and they kill in very very gruesome ways n they usually have nothing to gain from the murders. Women on the other hand kill for the money BIG difference.The women if you look at the pattern made the wealth with the man then after the men became wealthy with his wife’s support he marries another woman. Theres a logical reason for that kind of a murder. But for the man the only reason I can think of is pure rage. Even Jowie could have drugged Monica and stolen that money and he’d have gotten away with it too but kuchinja mtu kama kuku ni ya nini? Unless you’ve become psychotic bcz of some pent up rage.

They kill MWKs. Obado?

Kwani ulifukuzwa Kenyapost?

You’re broke? Its not personal. The facts speak for themselves.Bye!

Women are more likely to kill their men for money than the other way round. Let that sink first.

Money is a better reason to kill than just killing because you’re frustrated. Thieves or thugs do this all the time, you have money, they want that money - you stand in the way of their getting that money - they kill you or throw you off a building . Killing a person just because you’re frustrated in life makes less than no sense. What is the rationale? Btw women too kill out of jeolousy, more than they kill for money.

You made me create an account in that shitty site just to witness your madness.

Logic 101
Let us take a few seconds meditate this to a conclusion
(a) IF women kill out of jealousy
(b)…more than they kill for money
(c)…AND kill their men for money more often men kill their women for money

Motives for Women to Kill Men

Men’s Money>Women’s Money
Men’s Jealousy>Women’s Jeolousy
Yet Women killing men out of jealousy> Women killing men for money
Therefore women’s motives are logically inconclusive

Motives for Men to Kill Women

Men’s Jealousy>Women’s Jeolousy
Men’s Money>Women’s Money
AND Men killing women out of jeoulousy> men killing women for money
Therefore Men’s motive are logically conclusive

Men kill for money when they feel degraded by fellow men due to their SES.

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