Broke husband kills wife, 3kids&dog,man kills gf&says she fell off her bike&died

I always wonder why men lack perseverance. Even if you are broke, you are not the first to be broke and you can always recover. Why kill your entire family plus your dog? The weirdest part is that these crazy men who kill their own children and even pets, hardly ever kill themselves. I mean if you wanted out of your money problems for your family, why is it that you remain alive? Maybe he thought he’d get away with it but how though? A husband is always the first suspect. It’s really hard to understand men especially how they think murder would solve anything, going to jail for life or getting the death sentence is a better alternative than going bankrupt and then men will say women are emotional. Trust that when a man feels backed to a corner he will make the most irrational decisions ever, that fall nothing short of insanity. A man doesn’t want to pay child support so he kills his family and goes to jail for life or he’s sentenced to death. First off how do you think you can get away with killing your entire family and how is going to jail for life or death a better option than paying child support? Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face! Wanaitwa wanaume. Couldn’t understand them, even if you wanted to, even if you tried.