Broke Germany Wants To Withdraw Support For Ukraine

Germany cannot sustain Ukraine’s defense costs on its own and other EU members will need to ramp up their contributions, the country’s Finance Minister Christian Lindner has insisted.

The issue of cash for Ukraine has come to a head following a halt in US aid and Kiev’s increasing demands for arms, following its failed counteroffensive.

“It cannot be that Germany does more to help Ukraine so that others do less,” Lindner said at an event by the German Eastern Business Association on Tuesday.

Germany’s economy shrank by 0.3% last year, according to data published last week by Germany’s Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), increasing the risk of an economic contraction in the wider euro area.

The country has been gripped by continued major protests since early January, when farmers started blocking roads and highways after Berlin announced the slashing of agricultural subsidies not long after it detailed plans to almost double its support for Ukraine in 2024.

Last week, Chancellor Olaf Scholz said Germany will shell out more than €7 billion ($7.6 billion) on military aid for Ukraine this year. Berlin provided Kiev with nearly $23 billion in aid between February 2022 and November 2023, according to the Kiel Institute for World Economy, making Germany the second-largest contributor after the US.

Scholz also called on the country’s “allies in the European Union to strengthen their efforts,” to fund Kiev’s military, lamenting that some member states had been tight-fisted in their support of Ukraine. He nevertheless declared he was confident the bloc would agree to a €50 billion aid package for Ukraine at an upcoming emergency summit on February 1.

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Germany walikosea sana kuzima their nuclear plants and coal plants their neighbors like France are opening several nuclear plants and UK are opening new coal plants. Cheap energy is a great catalyst for development. If Germans used to use maybe 50 cents for power and now they are paying 2 euros, that’s an extremely huge bill when it comes to big players who rely on thin profit margins to keep the machines running.

In the next global conflict, those with nuclear power plants will be sitting ducks. Uliza Ukraine how they’ve been shitting their pants over Russian shelling at the Zaporhyzria nuclear power plant, Europe’s largest

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The brainwashed NATO audince were told that Russia will run out of ammunitions by end of February 2023.

That has been the song in CNN, BBC and other lamestream Western Propaganda Mills.

And yet the king visited the country to remind us that we still cannot use our coal deposits, for it is a dirty fuel. He also demanded for a tree planting holiday. What else, our raw farm outputs should be exported as is, no processing should be done. EPZ, should consider non binary, I’ll not go deeper with this. What do we get in return. Some few dollars to the exchequer in form of a loan? Not even a grant for good times sakes.


We need to revisit all one sides agreements for the sake of our benefits.

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