Broke dicks who can't afford escort service .

There is no need of exposing an escort if you have had an encounter with her. If you cant afford her services please spare her your stupid conversations… Like uko wapi… Anal Ni how much… We know how genuine clients sounds… So calm down mofos stop trolling escorts.

Si useme tu unauza. Wa kununua si umesema utajua.

Hmmmmm ! ! ! I see where you are coming from. Anyways, time is money.

Are you a gay escort…

Someone must have read by thread.Created a new account quickly to counter mines.Sawa captain-save-a-hoe jibambe kabisa

A grown man calling himself Coomer tamu is a sick human being, he must be a homosexual escort

Mbomolewa Kabat pore pore kakangu

NV hawezi pea VEs and above advice. Shut your pie hole.

Siuziangi mafala

Am a an escort idiot

This my new account am an old member here

Am an escort

That’s brutally honest.

An escort calling men broke. The irony…

Huyu nashuku ni @captain obvious.Read hia post about Multi handling and you’ll see why I suspects it’s him

Huyu ni Bingwa Scrotum ama @Njamba Huthu


This my new account I have an old account here

Wewe hama bedsitter Wacha kelele

We hufunguliwa boot sio? You are one of those homos servicing closet gays ij cbd sio?

oooh please, just like any other business
we go from leads, conversion to sale.

Na mbona hutaki kuulizwa mcoondoo unauza ngapi? tutigithie