Brits Are As Evil As Nazi Germany But Aren't As Vilified Because Germany's Victims Were Light Skinned

Nazis are only said to be the worst humans because they killed Jews (Pale Skin). The Brits killed more people that every other world power but their victims were mostly in Asia, Africa The Americas, Australia and Oceania.

While at it what happened to the case of that BATUK soldier who killed a woman and dumped her in a sewer, will he be brought to Kenya to face charges here? Can a negro kill a British girl in Liverpool and run away to hide in KENYA?

It has nothing to do with skin color. It just happened that Jews control the media, and if you control the media, you can influence the public opinion and rewrite the history.

Na waafrika waache kulia lia kama watoto.about colonialism. Throughout the history, powerful civilizations have always dominated and exterminated the less powerful. Mkilia about just 70 years of colonialism, wayahudi wenye wamekuwa colonized and enslaved by the Egyptians, Romans, Ottomans, Brits, Nazis etc watasemaje? Ata Spain was colonized for 500+ years by Muslims na hawateti. They simply put their shit together and went out to colonize others; starting from 1500s AD

Physically, all those killed Jews were white in every sense. Their religion betrayed them. British are the only people who killed another group of people to extinction. In the island of Tasmania, all extinct, including their language. The sad part is that the extinction was partly led by missionaries

You old geezer @FieldMarshal CouchP this is how things work. Stop whining about colonialism while y’all countries look like shitholes yet you have minerals, big rivers and every possible raw material needed to industrialise. Israel is in a literal desert surrounded by neighbors who feel like making them mince meat everytime but they are not out there whining about Holocaust, they are making nukes and Pegasus in silence while at the same time remembering the evils that were meted upon them.

Istael are the biggest beneficiaries of US Aid. Did you know that in 1917, Britain issued the “Balfour Declaration,” which declared its intent to establish a Jewish homeland in Palestine?

Ancient barbarian Germans tribes destroyed 2 roman legions.

Hapo umedinya point Mnandi

Banae some of these invasions were brutal compared to African colonisation. Niliona vile Japanese walidhulumu Chinese for several decades nikasikia kulia. African baboons should put their sheet together and develop this great continent

I am a Kipsigis

Sisi tunajua wakalenjins wote ni Wanandi