Britons, Nigerians are top buyers of houses in Kenya

The global super-rich are flocking to the Kenyan capital Nairobi to snap up additional luxury homes that sell from Sh80 million, according to a new report by property consultants Knight Frank.

Global Super-Rich, hmmmmmm ! ! ! !


Very few Kenyans can afford those homes I see being constructed. Even the less luxurious homes (apartments)that cost Kshs 10 millions are out of reach for more than 95% of Kenyans

Dirty monie from Nigerian

Niaje Wakanyama

So where are Nigerians specifically singled out alongside Britons o_O

Very true.

How come Kenya is such an open naked market place, conducive to everything including counterfeits, pyramid schemes etc.?
Pirate money dried out, next in corruption money from Nigeria and elsewhere, one day we will lament over the day we opened the housing market to external corruption money, with it comes along drug barons and mafia type cartels. Let us hope we don’t get turned into the safe hiding place for dangerous people.

Once it was possible to travel to Europe without a Visa until we sold our passports and the doors were slammed shut, let us be cautious.

In most countries you cannot just get in and by property or land, there are rules and regulations.