British Special Boat Service Iraq exploit truth or hekaya

[SIZE=6]British soldier drowns ISIS thug in puddle as SBS troops fight like ‘crazed warriors’ killing extremists with their bare hands after being ambushed in Iraq
[SIZE=4]After the fearless special forces fighters ran out of bullets, they decided to “go out fighting” and used their knives and bare hands to kill as many brainwashed extremists as possible.[/SIZE]

In an extraordinary survival story, another Brit soldier killed three militant thugs using his rifle as a club, reports The Daily Star.

The heroic members of the Royal Navy’s Special Boat Service were convinced they were going to die after being outnumbered and encircled after being ambushed by around 50 ISIS fighters near Mosul.

After killing at least 20 of the terrorists, the elite group realised they had around 10 bullets left between them and were trapped in a small river bed.

And faced with the prospect of being captured and tortured, the men opted for a “soldier’s death” and decided to fight like “crazed warriors” to kill as many of the extremists as possible.

Speaking with the Star, the source said: “They knew that if they were captured they would be tortured and decapitated.

“Rather than die on their knees, they went for a soldier’s death and charged the IS fighters who were moving along the river bed.

“They were screaming and swearing as they set about the terrorists.”

The Brits shook hands and said goodbye, convinced they were going to die while charging the remaining 30 ISIS thugs.

They ran towards the depraved militants while firing off their remaining bullets before stabbing and slashing at the death cult members.

One man, a SBS Warrant Officer, drowned one of the ISIS soldiers in a puddle after forcing his face into the ground, claims the source.

The same man then picked up a stone and smashed the skull of another terrorist fighter.

The source added: “Another killed three of the fighters by using his assault rifle as a club.”

After five minutes of hand-to-hand combat, 12 ISIS fanatics were dead or severely injured while the rest of the cowardly jihadists fled in fear.

Miraculously, everyone of the Brits survived despite all of the proud men sustaining injuries. At least two of the brave fighters received gun shot wounds.

They eventually walked five miles before hitching a ride back to an SAS base with a Kurdish soldier.

All but two of them returned to combat within a matter of days following the incredible incident.



@Mjuaji hapa unaonaje? Wameweka royco kiasi gani?

pinch of salt …

na kachumbari kiasi, kafirifiri kwa umbali kiasi

What you read :30%true, 70%fiction, do the math and determine which is true and which is false.

That’s an ocean of salt.

Ild love to watch the movie instead

it should be featured on situation critical or seconds from disaster nat geo

Tonne of salt !

With the level of exaggeration that has been added here, movie producers don’t even have to do a lot of work

Give us another lone survivor already

So ISIS extremists ran out of bullets at the exact same time as our British warriors? Ama, being the gentlemen they are, decided it would be unfair to shoot at unarmed infidels and so decided to even the playing field by engaging them in hand to hand combat?

So, as he was drowning one of the IS soldiers, the other one (later to be killed with a stone to the head) was waiting with his hands folded for his turn, right? BS!


@gashwin, here they go again.
More outrageous claims than the snipers.

Sounds like the kdf hekaya ya Kulbiyow where someone was narrating how one soldier was patting the back of the soldier who was finishing Alshaitans with his machine gun only for us to later learn that the KDF camp was over run and some soldiers had to run for dear lives

When I was young and naive, I used t believe ths British shit about them kicking Hitlers butt (when I was growing up the British had flooded the country with books and magazines on this).

Then I grew up and read that actually, it was the Ruskies that did it - at a cos of 20 million lives.

This here is a heckaya. Imewekwa tani kadhaa za chumvi…pity a tiny little island trying to sound great again.

how the salt was sprinkled kwa hekaya

mbisha tu ya hio river bed

So mnataka kusema AK na Grenade za al saitan zilijam vile spec ops waliamua hand to hand combat… Issokey