British people demand bonobo Chancellor to resign for crashing the economy.

This good friend of @Akon City II is being blamed for UK woes and Brits are saying he should resign asap. FYI @entertainedd, this guy is a hard-core “Conservative” and he “espouses same views” as the Tories but he is blamed for something that started long time ago. So you and your false bravado supporting right wing folks would not get you nowhere. Ask @Mangele to tell you how Black Trumpists ended post January 6 and compare with how liberals bailed falsely jailed BLM protesters. One camp didn’t bother even checking them up while in prison while the other bailed them out and hired attorneys for them






In the short-term things will be bad, but this is the right thing to do. The fall in sterling makes British exports cheaper so production rises, more jobs more people pay taxes.

Msee ata hajamaliza a month

But those Brits are always grumpy banae, sijui shida yao huwa gani. Kama walichuja Winston Churchill after hailing him as a war hero, wakachuja pia Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher. Hii ata sidhani ni mambo na race, those guys just don’t give a fuuuck bana. Huyu Liz Truss naona akitembeza kinyambis before amalize mwaka kama PM.

Ancestors wanafurahia sana. Bonobo anahangaisha mabeberu.

Ancestors wako spread across the globe na wakiturn anglo-saxon lazima watambue

achukue mugonjwa Thomas Partey pale Arsenali warudi Accra kuuza maembe maumbwa hao

Huyo bonobo akiendelea kuteseka ataanza kudeenyer malaya muzee @Finest wine mattercore in the back alleys of East London

Njaruo wacha maongo kuhusu U.S.

Focus on moaning the Raila election loss quietly.


I think you’ve got the “mtu wetu” syndrome

He’s just the ‘fall guy.’ The truth of the matter is that the UK has been going downhill economically for many years. Brexit accelerated their demise to the point where they are now a developing (not developed) country. Brits in true racist fashion will blame the “black guy” but he didn’t have anything to do with it.

Britain is a net importer and makes most of its money from the services economy.Cheaper currency is good for Germany,Japan,US and China which have a heavy industrial base.

High as a kite during the queen’s funeral :smiley:

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who’s a bonobo

Perhaps they’re breaking away from the old new labour Keynesian group think that has strangled Britain.

Truth is, growth ultimately comes from productivity gains or innovation. Further, the UK has been stuck in a productivity rut for the last 12-15 years, losing competitiveness against its European rivals (Germany, France et al).

Improving productivity requires investment in productive capital and training, and lowering taxes can help with that, but not if the money is invested elsewhere like the US, seeking more attractive or less risky returns. Thus it makes more sense to provide tax incentives for domestic investment instead.