British lords tell Uhuru of 'dangerous' politician - must be arap matako juu
One of the lords who had just hosted the President presented a petition to him on behalf of British investors in Kenya. He cited “threats” that some investors have been receiving involving British-owned investments in 2022. The lord reportedly cited an incident in which the politician’s allies have been threatening investors in their backyard. The chairman of a leading global telco also claimed the politician will forcefully ‘ask’ for shares from publicly listed firms.

Mbottom up yani matako yuuu yuu saidi

Creating narrative for the wolf hunt?

Not really. Arap Migunda is known for using his minions to grab prime property in his neighbourhood. Enda North rift uulize ile cinema widows with acres of land inherited from their husbands wameona kwa mashamba yao.

Watu watamea akili.

The same arap mashamba was asking for a bribe from Dangote cement when he wanted to set up in kenya akaamua aennde TZ ,Ruto 2022 anaanguka na kichwa alafu tunarusha yeye Hague.

The Lord’s hustler

Hii ni story ya Raila…dominions farms, anybody, Mumias sugar anybody?

Ni Raila huyo. Ile mzungu ya Dominion ilireport yeye. Ata ivo, Ruto will never protect foreign parasitic owners of capital.

The same lords pay poorly to the tea picking workers in their extensive farms…hii ni story being deviated so as not to address the real issues. Bonobo Atwoli aliekwa kwa mfuko

Kwa hivyo tuseme hii vita itakuwa kati ya matako juu na prepuce holder AKA team vifuniko?

Wacha urongo. Arrorr and his cronies have been trying to get the tea farms hapo kericho, bomet and nandi hills, demanding shares. Also ile gold mine hapo nandi.

utakasirika sababu unaambiwa ukweli

You mean they left out the person who grabbed delamere’s land!