British (fake) Journalist, Piers Morgan hacked by Somali trolls.

Hii nayo ni ubonoboste, mtu mkubwa kama Piers hana 2FA? Or let’s say ni social engineering, mbona anakimbia kuclick links from anonymous accounts? Ule kijana wa madegree @Sambamba anafaa afunze watu kuhusu 2FA and how to avoid being phished on the internet. Being hacked by third world niggas on welfare and who live in council houses in your home country is peak retardedness :smiley:



Plot Twist: He was not hacked, he just wanted to say nigger :smiley:




That fool always irritate my demons. Whenever I come across him on the TV, nasonga to next channel mbio mbio.

There’s a huge hack wave going down.

LastPass has also been breached.

Niaje @Slave 0wner?


Looks like I jumped ship just in time.

My YouTube channel with 20 subscribers got banned.

?? Kwani uko maji msee. I can’t understand what fhe fuaack you are saying

@Weyn you’ve seen what I’ve seen, you’ll understand


That " ferk the queen" tweet must’ve had Morgan suffering a seizure. He likes licking their puke.


Apart from cock sucking Ronaldo huyu jamaa sometimes huwesema ukweli kwanza ikifika issues like Feminism, climate change na vegans.

wweewe ni kondoo tu

Twitter was hacked and the user’s number, address was being sold in dark web. Hakuna vile skinny kikohozi spitting malnourished Somali rat can hack. Hio account ame nunua password huko dark web.

And that White skin Suits narcissist who’s discovered her race card will get her attention and Netflix deal.