British citizens poisoned with Russian nerve agent Novichok

Two British citizens in Wiltshire, England, have been poisoned with the same nerve agent that befell former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in March. British security minister Ben Wallace has urged Moscow to explain how this has happened … again. [Reuters]

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said he did not know who Ben Wallace was but said Russia had offered Britain its assistance in investigating the nerve agent attack and had been rebuffed.

[COLOR=rgb(0, 168, 133)]This up here is diplomatic madharau

POlice combing the scene in march. How could they miss some of the poison?

Wacha tungoje Russia vs England kwa world cup.

They wished Sergei get well soon while in hospitals. Kremlin has a sense of humor.

Either these are the two people who poisoned Skripal? Or the British government manufactured there own batch and these are the scientists who helped them do it and they have committed suicide.

I have never believed Russia poisoned Skripal who was domiciled in a British safe house.

The strangest thing is there’s a show called Strike Back and the show this season was about a rouge MI6 agent who wanted to release Novachok in Europe.

The UK must have gotten the Novachok formula from a dying Russian scientist and now it has blown back in there face.

Me either. We moved on too fast from that bit of news about the suspicious euros deposited in his account prior to the poisoning. No one ever really explained it honestly …

i think i missed that bit.

The scientists that developed that Novichok during the Soviet times were underpaid (they still are in Russia anyway). It was an order from the military but they, later on, confessed having made several more dozes and sold to shady underworld characters for some extra roubles/favors.

It gets more confusing!

Mara he got the cash directly, mara it was a double transfer … oooh siste alikuwa ndani … cucu bla bla

I smell a lot of crap!

I remember now. i think i consigned it to the spam bin coz i don;t consider Daily M credible media.:D:D:D

Anyway Sergei got what is always due to traitors; unfortunate he didn’t die.

:smiley: There’s other sources.

Just google and welcome to the confusion.

I have never believed that the FSB did this novichok poisoning.

Why would they make a supposedly fatal poison that apparently can’t kill its intended target? And more importantly, why would they attempt to poison anyone on enemy soil when they’re busy hosting the world cup while there are hundreds of thousands of football fans in their own country?

Either the Russian secret services is run by a complete moron or this entire novichok saga is fake news and Im inclined to believe the latter.

traitors are killed wherever they are found but i don’t see the russians botching it. why use a half dose and why use a designer poison that can be traced to them when they could have used something common like the veterinary drug strychnine,