Britain says blacks mentaly inferior

No 10 refuses to say if Boris Johnson thinks black people are mentally inferior


most europeans call black people monkeys in their homes …actually most non-black people hate us

Capitalist Nigger
Book by Chika Onyeani.

Bonobos are dumb kwani ni siri

Digi is mentally inferior to a monkey

If you still doubt the truth behind this statement, just take a random drive along Jogoo Road or Outerring Road this evening…you’ll see the extent to which Bonobos are not only dumb but also disorganized. Dumb & disorganized!

They are 101% Correct. Negroes are intellectually inferior but physically strong

They are due to disorganization, we lack ethical and capable managers not intelligence.

Negroes lack everything except physical strength

I’m sure you’re spoiling for a Supremacy battle, tell you what.
Melanin has a negative impact on IQ, happy now? Feel closer to whiteness mmm?

No such thing.

And I voted conservative?lo.

i agree from this illustration this what goes on a typical bloody mungiki bastards…HEAD

capability is a function of intelligence

It is, but results in beuracratic systems are often tampered with by foreign intelligence.
The thing about melamated folks is that they are constantly bombarded with harmful foreign philosophies and you can never lack a bamboozled twat to parade as the benchmark of the larger populace.

This is why there is always a gakunia or two wherever foreign invasion occurred.

Would the also reverse be true .Can an African Intelligence agency succeed in collaborating with locals to invade a European or North American country ?

It’s possible in theory, if a foe underestimates you as a dimwit it gives you an advantage

i don’t dispute that interference is possible but how come 60 years later, Africans still haven’t figured out how to keep such interference out?

how come they have managed to interfere with our affairs but we haven’t managed the reverse?

even something more basic: how come food security is still an issue in Kenya? Every year or two unaskia watu wakikufa Turkana kwa sababu ya njaa.

why hasn’t the tax base grown in the past few years? kra always missing targets, why?

mtu hawezi jimudu vizuri lakini anaendelea kupata watoto. why?

2013 - 2017 watu walikuwa wanasema uchumi umeharibika. then they went out and voted twice for the same people.

Raila has been the mp for kibera for a long time na bado iko, and kibera residents keep voting for him

I’m not saying that all Africans are idiots but a good majority are undeniably retarded.

It can’t be a conspiracy that all of Africa is backwards and poor as shit.

the sooner we admit reality, the better we will be

True you know somebody is a thief and you go head and vote him in.
Now again start crying shows brain is no more

If you install a crappy software do you then stand aloof and preach on the results spewed out?

When did you last interact with a below poverty level Kenyan and objectively judge his thought patterns?

Does the IMF dictate educational policies before dishing out the money?

Was Cambridge Analytica not cited in interference with Kenyan politics?

Wasn’t there a time foreign states donated printers and phones to CID which could tap into their correspondences?

Have you researched on civil rights violations in the US, particularly against the melanated race?

You know what Uncle Tom, I’ve met truckloads of your kind who suppose that admitting we’re an independent state therefore foreign policies don’t affect us type of minions.

Until you understand the parasitic nature of foreign nations then I’ll leave you to your devices.