Britain recolonizes Kenya.. Gadaffi rolling in grave

With all the president’s tough talk against foreign interference, behind the scenes, something stomach-churning is happening. Read and be disgusted if you’re a descendant of a freedom fighter. Or not.
The usual blabbermouths I’m ready to terminate on sight. Bring it on.


What do you expect from the son of Jomo?? He is just continuing with the deal his Father made with the Brits. Jomo Kenyatta & the politicians wa hizo enzi za kupigania uhuru played us. Alafu blacks hata wale wako Caribbean are brainwashed in schools ati how these founding fathers were great men. How did these founding fathers become so wealthy mpaka their descendants many generations down the line will never know what it means to be poor yet the soldiers, that did the dirty work, kina Mau Mau and the rest that literary fought the white man for our freedom hata hatuwajui. Apart from Dedan Kimathi na sijui Field Marshal mgani, which other Freedom Fighters do Kenyans know?? UK was even conceived while Jomo Kenyatta was “imprisoned” na watu hawajiulizangi kwani prison gani hiyo where prisoners were allowed to stay with their girlfriends. Then this child was named ati “Freedom” - Uhuru to brainwash the masses


Wow. If I could frame this I would. Truth.

Which year did Sir. Baring declare state of emergency?
Which year were the Mau Mau defeated?
When year did Kenya gain self rule?
What roles did the Lancaster house conference play in Kenya gaining independence?
Do you know who General Baimungi was? If yes what lead to his death?
If you can answer those utaachana na hii upus ya Mau Mau gave us independence


It’s true. We were played, all of us in Africa were played. A continent full of resources gold, oil, precious metals, we grow & export horticultural products to the rest of the world but where is the money from the sale of these?? How can Nigeria be a top oil-producing country in the world and not have a functioning refinery? 5 decades after African countries got independence, we are still poor yet we own so much wealth but they stir hatred amongst us so that they can continue looting our wealth while we kill each other


We are digressing. The article linked here is the issue at hand.

Kenya has given most construction contracts to the Chinese, so are we colonised by two masters?

And billow kerrow is being slated for coming out guns blazing against the government’s attempts to keep the region entrenched in poverty by slashing their devolved funds. The end game is to keep these natives impoverished so that they’re malleable to the whims of the ruling elite. Mandera sits on a fortune of fossil fuel. It will be easier to grab these resources from them when they’re downtrodden.


infrastructure development is a whole different ball game to what the Britons are doing with the resources. This was what gadaffi was killed for. And what Assad regime has been fought for by the west. If not for Putin, I don’t know.

Yes, the Chinese are our new masters


The Sh100b debt will be passed on to the taxpayer, the cost of electricity will go up even more, China will recover its money with interest & become richer

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Kenya is being auctioned . they borrow colossal amounts of cash as loans, the fruits of such loans don’t trickle down (ala eurobond), then they start bending over backwards to the tune of the foreign master and what results is such dalliance with China. And uthamaki asskissers cheer such buffoonery on. Sad times indeed


So who are the masters? China or Britain?

They’re both doing Kenya a threesome


Hizi loans za China we questioned them but tukaambiwa sisi ni enemies of development.

@spear ebu come explain vile kuko cc @gashwin @Nattydread


Where did Cecile Rhodes get the diamonds to form the multi-billion dollar De Beers Diamond Jewellers we know of today?? South Africa


Emergency 1952.
Mau Mau were defeated around 1956, but as to who led to our independence they were definitely the pioneers on this.
1960 a native majority was established in Lancaster…
Source: Wikipedia (sadly)

Point is the nationalists who followed after were simply on the homestretch

I still believe Jomo was Britain’s protégé his life is rather well documented and taken care of.

I think so Nelson Mandela too

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As long as these companies can bribe government officials for these licenses, there is nothing we can do. Government officials are selling us into slavery to the highest bidder. Obviously, foreigners can offer better bribes than local investors.

When were the British companies licensed? Tullow started work during the nusu mkate govt.

:D:D:D boss kojoa ulale umelewa ati when year :D:D:D

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