Brit boss turns 74 employees including secretaries and warehouse staff into millionaires

Matt Moulding, the founder of Manchester-based The Hut Group (THG), says around 430 staff have been gifted a £1billion worth of shares.

Nimeona Obama hapo kwa picha so what’s the catch? Ukiona Obama hapo then you better know that this is dirty to the core.

Obama alikunyandua na hakukulipa?
Ama kiwaru ni ya nini patco?

Concentrate on Githurai 45 politics. Or which paradiso bus has better seats than the other.

Malisa hiyo bottom barrel takataka patricia

Mbwa hii… you love dragging obama in every shit . Kwani he deported your sex partner… why deep hate. For once utanyamaza bana. Si u post picha ya mzito trump akiwa ana flex muscles kama rambo tuone

Ukiona @T.Vercetti kwa comment section just know the comments will switch to g.ay agenda.

@T.Vercetti is always lurking.

An upcoming script will now be counting how many times @T.Vercetti be mentioning men’s private parts and present an infographic on a weekly basis.
Interesting times ahead

Now employees will fight to death alafu for the company alafu apige pension zao sweep.

Concentrate on recovering from stress, your obese Halloween pumpkin is going home.

Huyo Obama kwanza ni mass murderer meffi sana. I don’t know whats his effin problem . Turns out that the main goal behind obamacare was to add abo.rtion as an essential health benefit to the federal programs insurance list.

In short he wanted to make it mandatory for the American taxpayers to foot the bill for those who want to abort.

Cc @Simiyu22 . What is it that your party has against children?

Your devil worshipping party really loves to sacrifice babies to the devil.

Obama wants poor blacks to abort their kids while he himself didn’t abort those daughters of his.

Wewe kwanza ni malaya sana. You are full of double speak. I don’t even think you understand what that party you support really stands for. Mambo ni kupayuka tu hapa.

Do you know how much money Kamala Harris has promised to give to planned parenthood?

I had this talk before with and I’ll slowly repeat, seems huelewangi …" I have no vagina , will never have a vagina and will not plan to lease a vagina any time soon".

Having said that issues with vaginas are least of my concerns and let the bearers of “it” decide what to do with what it holds.

If they talked about planned manhood (as in cutting our balls) I’ll be concerned. Let the women decide what to do with their vaginas .

Sitarudia tena…

Na kwani ulizaliwa na panya?

Ama ulinyambwa na cockroach?

Wewe Mluhya una kisirani sana. Unaongea mbaya ni kama ulijizaa. Kwani hujui ulitoka ndani ya Vagina?

And within the next 10 minutes najua nitakupata sex and relationships section describing the sort of vaginas you like . The hairy Luhya vaginas with lips like a cow.

I think yours is like of a zebra or something :D:D

I like how you brush off anything Obama does. Says a lot about your character.

And like I have said in the past. You are nothing but a tribalist.

Obama kills babies but that is fine by you because his father was from Western Kenya. That is all that matters to you.

This obsession with soiling Obama’s name in every post by T.Vercetti (aka) Patco is very much like Trump; who happens to be his hero. It gets so petty and is done so often that there must be a mental illness involved.

On a fair scale, Trump has trashed the American system of democracy in ways 100x more harmful than any US president in recent times

You are good at earthing evidences. Please screenshot some of my racists and tribal stuff. Iv asked you a million times and you show nothing.

Obama alikutombea your lesbian partner halafu akam deport ndio unamchukia hivi? By the way January 20th is fast approaching.

So obama carried a gun forced lined the kids and did murder? Did obama force any woman with a gun on their head to abort? Get your shitty head from Qanon garbage. It will consume you