Bringing this one back to rotation

She has the grip like no other of my hoes. She had told me a few months back that she didn’t want to continue but Mimi nani. Leo ni Leo, dry frying all the way and fertilizing

what are you going to do when you’re 60 and have no children to visit you?

a child did not ask to be here. he partakes in a contract he never got to sign. he just got part of the deal whether he likes it or not.

your child may actualy live a miserable live.

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Who said I want kids

Mbona unecrop macho elder

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A little privacy Ile siku nitamalizana na yeye nitaweka Kila kitu hadi ndethes na number

Kama aliona 55 inch TV Kwa sitting room. There is no morning pill will stop that foetus. Congrats


Omg. The accuracy of this statement. But alikua amesare hii story before

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Anakaa kunuka mdomo


No one is happier than a man who’s been promised some hairy clam


Umeamua kufuga kunguru

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Mimi hua silipii wet crack

Every man pays in one way or the other.

Like our prezo, he promised to get that American pastor to kenya if mama rachel opens her wet crack one more time

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Ulifika form ngapi elder
Fungua Oxford dictionary
Jifunze kucrop ndo nn
Sitakufunza kila kitu kama hii nongwe @MTINGIZA_KITANDA

Hii thread ni mweffi


When Elon Musk was your age he already had a PhD from Stanford.
When Kibaki was your age he was already enrolled in London School of Economics.

Wewe you’re 35 and excited about impregnating a smelly pussy.

This country is doomed.


Sikuizi madem wameanza kueka resistance after a few fuck sessions ata mimi mafresher wameanza kuniuliza.

“What are we?”
“I want to go to a real date.”
“Wewe nikitu gani romantic unaeza fanyia dem kama sikumdinya?”

Usijibu nyamaza say something generic like “nikona stress mob sahii” “Lets take things slowly.” “job imekua mob am just so busy”

She will fuck you 10X harder just to prove herself to you.


Mnajieleza kwa hoes?


such entitlement!

Niko na ex hushinda kunirudia nakula yeye stick proper anaanza kudai nimpeleke dates and outs after, nalenga story anajam nakuniblock tena then comes back later namrarua. Nikifanya makosa ya contacting her first nitasetiwa standards haziko

Kijana tutakufinya, heshimu wakubwa