Bring In The Cattle!

I don’t know how many petitions there are out there following Ndii’s cue (on TV, he denied being the originator of the secessionist initiative), but it is an illusion for the likes of Kim Dung Owl of Pyongyang to pretend that it is a popular movement.


They might end up having cows and other ruminants sign their petition to get anywhere near 1,500,000 signatures.


Ala!!! Walipunguza from 15M?:D:D:D



Now everyone back to their senses… No one will sign that… Shtimu imekatika sober mind kickin hehe

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One of the things that makes attempts like these futile, is that the proponents do not seem to use common sense before they open their mouths. For example the reason they give for this cessation is that Kikuyus and Kalenjins have so far provided the presidency of the country. It is instructive to note that these are also the largest communities in terms of population, and therefore when in a democracy, one would think that they have a jump start if you make tribe the central criteria.

They’ve also listed a ton of communities that are purportedly coming with him [[the people of Western Kenya (Luo, Luhya, Tesos, Kisii, Kuria), Eastern Kenya (Kamba), Coastal Kenya (Swahili, Mijikendas, Pokomos, Giriamas, Taitas, Tavetas, Boni, Ewana, Segenju, Orma, Munyoyoya and Badala) Rift Valley (Turkana, Pokot, Samburu, Maasai, El Molo, and Iichamus), Northern Kenya (Somali, Borana, Rendile and Dasanaach) as well as Kenyans from other interested Communities]].

The question is, when were all these communities polled? How about never? The fact of the matter is that only one community is seriously discontent - the first one -, and the fact that the Kenyattas have consistently beaten the Odingas in political contests. In essence what they’re trying to tell us is that the country will break up because the Odingas have too big of an ego.

I suggest that tribe is as an excuse used by politicians to divide and rule. It is actually a frivolous one because if you think about more serious divisions that affect the Kenyan society e.g. gender, economic class, religion, etc. then we would have to entertain all kinds of the cessations every year!

PS: Sincere apologies for murdering the queen’s language. Voice recognition got me.


cessation would mean moving from nairobi to where they avoid visiting unless its unavoidable. heard of one who refused to go home from githurai in 2007 saying he would rather risk the wrath of mungiki than the witchcraft back home

Nairobi votes NASA so will be part of the republic

Am not Luo but am seriously discontented with Kenya

tenants can never be owners.

So who will replace the tenants once they leave?

a better planned leafy spacious city . replace kibera with a forest, mathare with a park etc.Nairobi would be so beautiful once the pressure of rural urban migration is eased

Don’t nitpick.

Umewekwa huku na super-glue? Just take a bus to Uganda and keep moving until you reach the Atlantic…


give it time… if things go the same way hiyo 1.5 itapita

Nairobi voted Kidero and Igathe.