Bring back Xfm

“Radio Africa Group has shut down its lifestyle radio station, 10505 XFM, to launch a new outfit targeting Rhythm and Blues (RnB) lovers. The move is likely to render several staffers jobless as the Lion’s Place-headquartered media house shops for new talen”

Fuk RnB there is enough of that crap on every damn station, they literally canceled the only reason I still turn on the radio

Tombweni na hizi hip hop RnB gospel shyt mumejaza kwa airwaves yote, every station sounds the same and they got rid of one of the most original ones that had unique music and turned it into just another one of those channels that air the same 80s/90s one hit wonder takataka over and over again, no wonder people don’t listen to the radio anymore

Majamaa, sasa nisikilize wapi punk rock akina Green Day, mambo na YouTube staki, I miss the days where I used to relax to some rock n roll.

Pole maze.Itabidi urudi Capital FM weekdays from 12am to 1pm.
Radio stations are revenue based.Rock culture died a quick death in Kenya and with this,the number of rock music lovers and listeners also dwindled.If there are no listeners,there will be no advertisers yet Radio Africa still has to pay the Kitonys for the leased frequency.

In these days of the internet, how do you depend on a radio station for your music needs?

Thanks for the recommendations, I always liked capital fm.
it’s sad that the world is all about making profit instead of making happiness

It’s for that nostalgic feeling of going back to the old days. Same reason vinyl is still in business

I don’t get some people. You can even go to YouTube and specify you want to play hit Emo Rock songs released between the year 2000-2010 or death metal Smh.

So many options online kaka. I don’t remember the last time I listened to local stations because Spotify, YouTube, and tunein have everything I need.

Stream international stations online

Bundles wadau, eleweni husler

Dj Edy Grim has a productive podcast channel. Try it out.

Alikua anacheza pale zodiac sometimes back nilipita tao nikaona hio place ni ghost town

Look for “Radio Garden” app if you still want the Radio feeling. Only that this app allows you to tune in to any radio station in the world. I like listening to a certain station from Jamaica and another one from Cayman islands.

20 bob na airtel utasikiza any radio online vile unataka

Thanks for this bro,this app is deadly.Nimepata radio station ingine Abidjan ina angusha Rhumba moto sana.

My forever solution Unaingia hapo unachoose any genre of Rock Music na kuna mobile app

My favorite mix from him [MEDIA=mixcloud]Alpha_Wolf_Radio_Rocks/black-veil-brides-mix-2020-by-edygrim-dj-on-alpha-wolf-radio-rocks[/MEDIA]