Bring back Ahmed Rashid. The Bonobos are wilding

Eastleigh has been a hell hole these last few months. The carjackings, the kidnappings, the muggings, the killings. No way this would happen with Ahmed Rashid around


It all boils down to the useless D- materials we have in our police force.
Any person driving or riding a vehicle with hidden or missing number plates should immediately be assumed to be a criminal. Is that rocket science? What plausible reason would anyone have for hiding a vehicle’s number plate? Hata huku mtaa I’ve seen two nduthis so far with a metal mesh over their number plates. They make it look like decoration but it’s obvious the owners are up to no good.

Man in the jacket knew what was up from the very start but he froze at the crucial moment.

It’s sad how he just froze. Fortunately nothing happened to him.

Ahmed Rashid alikuwa transferred wapi?

Any place inhabited by the cursed tribe’will surely turn into a hell hole within no time.

Have no idea. Still a mystery. But we need him back now more than ever.

Umerudi leo kutoka umalaya na uko na kasheshe mingi…tuliza pupa jamaa…huu wizi uko kila mahali,watu wa Eastleigh warudi kwa Somalia kama wana feel insecure

I think what we lack is a proper systems. Nothing to do with the law enforcement on ground being D- materials. The likes of Ahmed Rashid were a result of such bad systems whom to some he was a hero who cleaned out all the rot in Eastleigh while to others he was a villain according to how he handled the thugs.

Get the systems inorder then we can talk about proper systems coz that shit trickles down


Ahmed is part of the problem so hawes kua solution

alshabab @Bingwa Scrotum

You are VE in my eyes… you should seek preauthorization before @in me

Facebook baning posts za akina hessy has made the youth think hakuna police,uwizi imerudi na ubaya eastlands. Those extrajudicial killing posts usually sent chilling messages to any aspiring thief of his destination.

Ahmed was not the solution, but he is what we call a regulator.