Brief holiday before returning to work.

Asanteni wadau

Hii ni yangu

Nipee through pass



Si ununulie yeye ata bikini . Ama hutaki vitu zionekane

Bibi swaffe sana Chifu.Happy holidays!


Asande Enigma

Big ups chief and shame on brazen bonobos that have the audacity to nit pick someone’s wife

Wee nyang’au we respect boundaries bana eg family,wife etc etc Sio zaa zote jokiso

Kati ya Zentel na Vermox which works wonders?

What are you treating tapeworm, hookworm or trichuria. Get to a lab do a stool analysis then get the specific parasite from there you can treat…avoid shortcuts

Worm,I think i have plenty of them…I will go to the lab tomorrow then.

Jibambe Mzeiya.

Daktari are you saying Zentel isn’t very effective.Am asking coz it’s what I use to deworm every six months.Thanks.

Thanks bro

Maliza hiyo nguruwe

All am saying is if he really feals that a specific drug is not working it is imperative to get a stool analysis. Meanwhile if it is just routine deworming 0.5g of mebendazole or 0.4g of albendazole could work. For specific parisites it needs a stool analysis which might require coadministration with ivermectin

For this ingest zuentel (albendazole) 400mg stat and monitor progress

R/o a stool analysis for now