Bridget Achieng

Like most of you, nimecheki hii video nika shangaa.
But the question on my mind after watching this video was
Supposing this woman got fit, lost weight and lived a healthy lifestyle, would it reverse anything on her/her body?
Any experts on anatomy matters?

Maybe with a lot of plastic surgery.
Shida there is no cure for shitty attitudes.

Ngoja kidogo tu… Reknown plustic sargeon and eighteen wheeler drifter Doktari @rexxsimba is enroute

the internet has the the best memory and can never forget but she probably doesn’t give a fuck about the video, probably enjoying the clout as this isn’t her first time trending in such a manner !

Wazito… who is she?

your agemate

Read my title ngombe


Yes. Search for a show called “My 600lbs Life” on YouTube.

surgery must be done to cut the excess chunks of meat

The photoshop, camera tricks I’m always crying about are finally exposed for you simps to see the reality behind 80% of these Instagram girls you thirst over daily

Nice interview digi

The problem with many Juvenile instigated threads on this blog is that , by and large , they lack knowledge , science , logic and probity …

Matusi and extreme ignorance displays are the order of the day here …

Admin needs to corral these Juvenile Misfits and herd them all into the Cartoon Section …

Ngombe Kabisa … :mad::mad::confused:

Moving along swiftly …
Herewith something pleasing to the Eyes … :smiley:




:D:D:D:D:D:D malisa mzee polepole

Kumamake walai bilai

Wapi ile vindio inaongelewa?