Bridget achieng nudes

Good to know that inspite of all the mudslinging she is back stronger, lets celebrate her. [ATTACH=full]373126[/ATTACH]

Mwili ya mama mzee. Siwezi lipa more than 150

@Ngimanene na matharo, your services are needed here…
This guy needs to be completed completely…

We can’t recover from the horror we witnessed with our eyes. Please don’t try to bring back the awful memories

I can’t even kick this woman when she’s down. You can tell by the look of her that she’s been through some shit.
We are all responsible for our actions and this bitch is no exception. When you lay with dogs… you know the rest

So this is the famous Bridget…well she looks haggard.

It doesn’t matter how many photos a this whorror posts when she’s fully clothed, with layers or makeup and instagram filters. The truth is that the body below those clothes is nothing but sagging skin, cellulite and wrinkles. The face when makeup is washed away is the face of the used-up old woman that she is. Her teeth are stained with the feces of all the arab men who’s assholes she has licked. And the the lymphatic system is saturated with the antibodies of past STIs and virulent new strains of the latest drug resistant sexually transmitted diseases.

I Kent unsee what I saw. Maybe we need therapy to recover

The damage that clip did had far reaching effects. Mimi humwona nakumbuka hizo patchy sagged tits and multilayered belly na wrinkles for days.
Once you see the clip you can’t unsee that shit

I saw the name Bridget and i cringed. Kwanza the wrinkled skin surrounding the pussy makes me want to throw up.

blarry hell…celebrate what…