Bridget Achieng goes naked (kabisa)

Kumbe ni hedngar hombare alitoa video! Bridget has promised to go naked before her God for 7 days. She has promised that he will suffer slowly.

See her video here kwa wenye hawajaona.


Sasa analia nini? Immediately you take photos of yourself when naked just be ready for anything.

empty threats

eti struggling entrapanua. Empty threats. The moment you decide to live your life in social media ,expect anything.

Sasa mjaluo ametoa wapi hiyo ka naija accent?

To be fair, she was secretly recorded. Anyway, I can’t spend too much time dissecting hoe politics

Ame chafua sisi maito

@digi learn your Grammer before posting. Mara she, mara he? Nikii…

Grammer ndio nini kiongos

Social media has pros and cons. Once you are in you are in. She should have rebutted with a statement not an emotional video.

The matter would in time die a natural death