bride price


how much will they demand?

kanywaji… mchele… na sperms ndani! HIV iko ndani pia!

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Can you fucck a blacked out kunguru on the grass?
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No. How now? The game should have started before she gets drunk? Would she even get wet when she is blacked out?

Alaa… You’ll marry women coming from college and campuses with a mileage from here to Timbuktu na bado hujaongeza ya boss, HR manager etc

She will have done multiple abortions and taken lots of P2

But of course when you meet her at 26 years when she is a working class you’ll think umeangukia mali safi kumbe hujui tu.

Sooner those guys who were fuacking her in college will befriend her on Facebook and the cycle will begin again while she is married to you

Two years from now utampata kanisani akiimbia bwana, na hivyo ndio utagongwa.

Imebidi wapande chainsaw hadi kanairo[ATTACH=full]371718[/ATTACH]
Findio na ndirama hapa

Ulevi ni kitu mbaya sana

Ladies are getting reckless and why nduthii instead of uber

not reckless but competing with men in everything even drinking forgetting they stand to loose out more

Namwaga ndani hata kama amechew

Huyu nikufungwa na bladder kama mzigo ndio afike anakoenda.

Not fucck but RAPE

Good to see that a lady friend took her away.