BRICS New development bank NDB


What would be the advantage / disadvantage of Kenya applying to join BRICS NDB like several new nations have done ?

Why am asking:

Its possible .ke joining would be to our great advantage BUT we can’t dare do it because US would not like it and punish us.


Yuess is a serpent. It bites both friend and foe alike. It doesn’t have principles, only interests. Yuess will say “A” today and then say “Z” kesho.

Sasa angalia hii. Yuess puts price cap on arch-enemy’s oil - and will not buy it. And you too must not buy it. But if you can refine it somewhere then its all good. Price cap no longer applies. You may even ship it to them for dollars.

Meanwhile Yurop, their lackeys, have painted themselves into a corner. Borrel and Ursula and others are lying down in bed as I type this. Hakuna energy hata ya kusimama. Tumbo inafanya acrobatics as they watch Yuess do their thing. They have banned themselves from arch-enemy’s oil halafu yuess inawafanyia ile kitu.

In short kenya should apply. But will our leaders put aside their certificate of participation in the recent afro summit to do so. Thats the question.

[SIZE=6] OFAC Preliminary Guidance on Implementation of the Price Cap Policy for …[/SIZE] › system › files › 126 › price_cap_prelim_guidance_petroleum_products_20221230.pdf
TodayOnce Russian petroleum products or Russian oil are substantially transformed (e.g., subjected to any of the refining processes listed below) in a jurisdiction other than the Russian Federation, they are no longer considered to be of Russian Federation origin, and thus the price cap no longer applies: distillation (crude - atmospheric, crude …

most of those joining after 2015 are fronting CIA that will infiltrate and try to emasculate BRIC

In 5-10 years lazima major war katembeee. Saa hii USA and NATO have been proven to be paper tigers. They are good in clobbering rag tag militia and third world countries.

Its possibly some African msimamoless malaya countries like Kenya can be used by western countries to do that but the original 5 BRICS big boys countries will easily resist that.

The question remains, is there advantage or disadvantage in .ke joining NDB ?

Jens Stoltenberg will head IMF very soon.
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