BRICS Countries Overtake G7 Nations in Global GDP (PPP) to Become Economically More Powerful

The set of countries known collectively as BRICS, have overtaken G7 nations in Global GDP (PPP), shifting the international economic power balance. Specifically, Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa are now the world’s largest gross domestic product (GDP) bloc when taking purchasing power parity into account, according to data from Acorn Macro Consulting.


The UK-based research firm state that the BRICS nations now contribute 31.5% to the global GDP. Moreover, that figure propels the collective ahead of the G7, which sports a global GDP of just 30.7% comparatively.

Important to remember that in all those global geopolitical economic/currency/group GDP dominance showdowns, .ke is firmly (forcibly) in USA said. Best regional US lapdog.

Before the British become a super power, The French reigned Supreme, and after the 2nd world war, America took over from Britain .
France and Britain are nowhere near the top 3 powers of the world, here is the thing though, France and Britain still hold lot’s of sway in their former colonies and the united states has a lot of influence in this world.
My question here is one, how long do you guys think it will take countries in BRICS to gain the influence that NATO, World Bank, IMF, G7 … carry around the world.

Enyewe we are really pegged on the dollar and the dependency is akin to addiction. Kuna pedi mupya na mateja hawamkubali:D:D:D

Hao mashoga wakipakana kinyesi the BRICs countries are moving forward.

Before the french we had netherlands and before that we had the portugese. Nothing lasts forever. Inauma lakini US itazoea. It actually looks like the ukraine war is the catalyst to the next power, just like most transitions (war).