Brian Chira mystery goes International True Crime Community and psychics

What is going on with this boy now, people in Kenya have milked the man dry hadi video and photos of how he was being washed and stitched in the Morgue. Now his case has gone to the international true crime communities and psychics who solve crimes. In true crime cops and other web sleuths do use psychics to figure things out. The psychics use tarot cards and the whole gamut used in psychic work. So here is one . People who follow true crime usually write to psychics who sucessfully called previous crimes such as the case of a 3 year old girl who was kidnapped sometime back and the prediction came out to be very accurate. I dont follow true crime much because I need something really scintillating for it to hold my attention then I go into hyperfocus, true crime junkies are like that, they obsess about especially new crimes like Football fans do. Anyway, here is one. I think I know like 5 who are pretty good at this, maybe if they get request they can do a reading for him. IDK but the attention on this young man just isnt going away any time soon and who knows what we may unearth but trying to post sex tapes and videos of his corpse’s booty being scrubbed with a broom. Like Kenyans are sick… wtf is that to watch and share. Just imagining it makes me feel on edge. Wakenya mulitoa wapi hizi guts muko nazo? You need prayers.

Stop being obsessed with Wachira.

Washira alikulwo matako na akakufa . Case closed

negro is dead… why should we care?

A dead gay is a good dead