Brian Chira most watched videos

The only man who can tell you anataka kuongea body count akisonga and you laugh. Imagine if this guy decided to spread HIV anger infect how many people? I wish these activists could reach out to the super spreaders who bitter and infecting others.

Brian Chira’s life shows the bitterness and depression most HIV positive people go through. We as society giving these people stigma is why they are doing She’s Kemunto shenanigans. We need to change how we handle positive people bcz unless umekua nun kama mimi I can assure you that if almost 3 million HIV positive people decide to be superspreader na hii umalaya muko nayo lazima mutafikiwa. Let’s show these people love and compassion bcz wakiamua ni ku spread my fren it’s going to be an ARV nation.

As for those spreading hizo videos mbaya mwili ya Brian Chira akioshwa na broom God is seeing you and remember one day you will also be a corpse can you be happy if people are watching watu wa morgue wakikusugua matako na broom? Kenyans hii ujuaji mingi must stop. You think it is a good idea to go see how morgue staff mishandle bodies? Sisi ni Waafrika we have to respect the dead.

I have not watched that thing because ile heartbreak niko nayo bcz of that boy siezi dhubutu kuongezea. Ata photos staki kuona it took me a good two weeks to forget how his head looked after the accident. I can’t take anymore heartbreak. Naskia tuu that they’re really painful and heartbreaking to watch. Mimi Sina roho aki.

On a light note. In Celebration of the life of Brian Chira who encouraged HIV positive people to take their meds and fight their demons with bravery, may the Lord be merciful to his soul as Brian was merciful to other people.