Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed

Another plus for Trump.

Whatever it is HAZINIHUSU.

Wapi @Amused ? ? ? Ama connection iko down ;);):wink:

Fuck #MeToo. These stupid women need to start caring about victims of actual rape instead of using the movement to bring down successful men.

@Amused is right here. Gotta say, I expected a much more pompous celebration .

I always rely on you to post such.

Democrats outplayed and outmanoeuvred.
Kaa tu vile team kubwa ilionyesha ka team kengine chana chioni.

Feminazi wamepewa middle finger, grabbed by the puthy na wakazindikishwa with a very hard spank ile hulia Pto! Nimependa sana.

Haha. Feminazis BTFO!!!

No. It’s more like Dems having dung shoved into their mouths and thrm being forced to swallow it. Now watch out for November. It’s coming dooown…buuoy!

That’s the problem…fighting with women! It’s better if you beat them mentally. Sasa they’ve been railed up. Men ARE going to pay for it…

A fight you won’t win. Back to my corner…


Thats why I always tell you you are a big bitter loser. Always here pushing for democrats lies against Trump yet democrats are facing one embarrassing loss after another. You simply do not know how to choose the winning options and that probably reflects in your personal life making one mistake after another. Learn something for once boy

Had Clinton had won, America would be at war with North Korea, Russia and the entire Middle East. With Trump I think the world has been relatively peaceful after making friendship with Kim and Putin.

He’s restored common sense back from the liberal rabbit hole of gay, transgender super rights. China is being taught a very important lesson about fairness in trade, and the economy is roaring. Stocks are up, up, despite the tremendous pushback from the left. Trump is the best POTUS in a very long time.

That is until someone goes before Maraga and his court, citing a ruling in which Kavanaugh participated in as legal authority only for the court to adopt it. Several weeks, months or years after the fact, you go to court on what you think is an unrelated matter and to your shock and disbelief the high court or supreme court ruling that took in that reasoning is cited and causes you to loose the case.

Stocks and the economy are controlled by the left? That’s a new one. The fact is the trend began in the Obama years and Trump is just a mere beneficiary. Petrol and oil prices are at an all time high, farmers are stuck with unpurchased produce in storage thanks to tariff wars. Your comment is laughable, just wait till it hits the fan.

To imagine that the USA is a fair trader is the height of ignorance. As for the stock market, let the numbers speak for themselves…


Same thing with unemployment…


According to Trump’s bureau of labor statistics, the decline started way back in 2009, when Trump was busy fondling teenagers in Russia!

Unless someone has the audacity to claim Trump was telling Obama what to do, the data demystifies everything Trump claims is due to him. The asshole is a freeloader.

You gotta be kddin’ me. The highlighted part is as a result of Obama’s policies and NOT the fool we currently have in the White House. You Rethuglicans amaze me. Living in an echo chamber, an alternative reality of sorts. Bush 43 was one of the worst POTUS, I’d take him anyday over 45.